Womplay.io, the unfair

Womplay.io, the unfair

By Akterron | JDcrypto | 20 Apr 2021

Do you know Womplay?

A gaming site that supposedly is fair and pays players.

unfortunately only lucky players have this honor because for others it is the opposite.

I played for hours to qualify for the challenges of Womplay but to no avail.



the hour counter is not the same as the reality and we do not rank and we do not earn crypto.

But I suspected that despite the good publicity of some there are not many honest applications. So avoid Womplay so as not to be disappointed.

It's the same problem on an other challenge with an other game, after 100 round played, no rank !!


At the moment the only application that is really fair is Contiply with a lot of work.


So it's a little post against fake site.

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