ICP internet computer protocol

ICP internet computer protocol

By Akterron | JDcrypto | 12 May 2021

The Internet Computer (ICP) cryptocurrency has already been listed on Coinbase and is coming to Binance.

A crypto project clearly unknown and which will acquire a certain notoriety thanks to its listings on these major crypto exchanges.

Deposits for the ICP token are open in the ICP crypto wallet on the Binance website but the start date for trading has not yet been announced by the trading platform.
Once there is sufficient liquidity for this token, trading can begin, Binance said in its announcement.

What is Internet Computer (ICP)?

Internet Computer (ICP) is a layer 1 protocol that develops a decentralized public network for smart contracts to work at scale.

The project aims to be the Internet computer, providing the functionality of a public Internet and allowing backend software to be hosted on the network.

ICP is the native Internet computer utility token and is used for protocol governance and network transactions.

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