Life, Death, and Strangers

By Orion98 | Jared Changs Data Log | 22 Apr 2021

It is April 29nd, 2021. I Jared Chang, Orion98, am reeling from the covid 19 outbreak. Misery loves company. Money is tight. LTC 257.37. It's 5/10/2021 LTC is 380 and peaked at 413 USD. Deuteronomy 8:18
Precious God, I look to You because it is You who gives me the power to get wealth, that You may establish Your covenant which You swore to my fathers, as it is this day. I thank You for being faithful to my forefathers, and for being faithful to me so that I may achieve wealth. I magnify Your Name because it is only by Your grace and faithfulness that I am able to gain my financial blessing. Amen!

It's 06/02/2021 and LTC is 185 USD looking to break 200 again. The CCP virus is not gaining support for the lab release theory and inflation is hitting the world. My motivation for you, the reader, is to believe in truths derived from the shadow of life, death, and strangers. 

June 12. It's my bday today. I bought some Amp on Coinbase. For 0.06 cents in 1 year, I expect great things. Hawaii will be wonderful to see.

It's July 20th. Hawaii was relaxing as much as I made mistakes at a strip club. My girlfriend forgave me, though it was a challenging moment of faith where my bad decision prevented me from realizing what I want to love and live for to love. I've been working hard as a Doordasher and wonder where in my afterlife my soul will be best placed. 120 dollars a day for 7 hours of work is a new experience for me since all I know is school.

Out of the night that covers me,   
  Black as the Pit from pole to pole,   
I thank whatever gods may be   
  For my unconquerable soul.   

In the fell clutch of circumstance 
  I have not winced nor cried aloud.   
Under the bludgeonings of chance   
  My head is bloody, but unbowed.   

Beyond this place of wrath and tears   
  Looms but the Horror of the shade, 
And yet the menace of the years   
  Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.   

It matters not how strait the gate,   
  How charged with punishments the scroll,   
I am the master of my fate:
  I am the captain of my soul.

It's August 16th and I just finished summer school. The covid fear has picked up and with the possibility of more lockdowns and debates in the senate over cryptocurrency, I am stressed. Suicide pops into my mind now and then, but I think of God Jake. You took the door out of life and my drive to live may flicker, but for now, it refuses to give out. One step at a time. Litecoin is at 185 USD and my boring sense of uselessness brings a deep lethargy. It seeps into my bones despite the profits I make every week. The accomplishments feel hollow as people around me lose faith and the will to trust in the support of our loved ones. Misery perhaps. Suffering everywhere in the sound of silence. Some are gone like you jake. Others carry the weight of moving on because these are the stories of those which remain. It's my greatest hope you are remembered as I wish for those of us struggling to remember the meaning from which all our lives find purpose. 

September 26, 2021. I remember too much that means so little, yet it sticks to the shadows of my heart like a thorn. The tiny details of my wonder have no bearing on the greater scope of life. These minor delights float along with the tides of my faith. For all my brave deeds and proud accomplishments, there gathers a storm of impending change that threatens to unravel my concept of time. The facts of matter seem to hold no great deal, yet offer me an inkling of youth. My tentative grasp on such nostalgia drifts further along these lanes of gravity I imagine walking above or below. It makes me wonder how the soul can cope with all of the things that I’ve done or have yet to do. I hope for my words to fork lightning and conjure the hand of God against despair, yet only a vague sense of justice surrounds my empty wrath. Modesty has cornered my ambition, as much as my attempts of humility feel heavy in contrast to the sins of negative thought. History is the major I chose to study. I believed in the good of humanity to write better futures. Then as I learned more, the consequences of victory and the fight for freedom bestowed upon my awareness, humanity's more savage proclivities. If I am to trust the concept of fate and walk the path destiny forges, then every breath I take must not be wasted. To plan is to have meaning. To have meaning gives motivation to purpose. These acts of atrocities and the chronic failure of society I’m shown defy progress towards inner peace. It furthers my disgusts and sensibilities of honor.

December 28, 2021. Christmas was the best. I relaxed at home with my parents, grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousins, sister, and brother. My mom got me a hard wallet for my cryptocurrency. it was only yesterday, my dad and I went on a drive looking for land in California. Biden really ruined the economy with inflation. That is only the most obvious problem. The southern border crisis is worse in Texas. Belarus is allowing middle east migrants into the UE through its country, forcing Poland to defend its borders. Meanwhile, the withdrawal from Afghanistan continues to be a massive failure and stain on US global relations. It was only 1 week ago, Biden tapped the strategic oil reserves Trump built up. Locally, the real estate market is so inflated, 1 million USD isn't enough for 1 acre in the golden state. For all the progress the democrats hail as social change, the only difference I've seen is an increase in homeless and news on Nancy Pelosi's new mansion in Florida. LTC 146 USD. 

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Jared Changs Data Log
Jared Changs Data Log

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