New BAYC? Updates to the Space Controllers collection 2.0

By JamesBmx | James Money's | 4 Apr 2022

After a few days, I brought you another update about the Space Controllers collection!

Its minting date has been released and it will be April 16th for WL and will publish April 17th, with prices respectively 0.06eth and 0.08eth.

Mint Data Space Controllers on Discord

Now they also launched the website, which was very cool and explanatory, I'll leave the link below for you to check it out.

After about a month participating in Discord, it was possible to analyze some points: the owners are very active and don't mind answering questions, in addition to always interacting in the general chat and playing with the other members; the mods that are there are very funny, they like to talk too and they are very polite. Ah another interesting point, they are much more active on other social networks (Instagram and Twitter), now they started posting some of the NFTs, I already have my favorite haha.

Alien #158

Of course, every beginning is difficult until people believe and surrender to the collection, but unlike other collections that have emerged so far, they are very transparent and active, which is very important when choosing a collection to invest, I have already guaranteed my vacancy in their WL, what are you waiting for to guarantee too?

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