Thanks Giving to Bitcoin for Global Liberation and ATHs *cheers*
Evolving BTC philosophy over time

Thanks Giving to Bitcoin for Global Liberation and ATHs *cheers*

By Jakova Pen | Manifest Money | 18 Oct 2021

As implied by the title, yes, predicting Bitcoin final All Time Highs (ATH) of the year (maybe even of the next 2-4 years), around, if not shortly after, Thanksgiving; based not on hopium, but mostly on Bitcoin's logarithmic regression growth pattern and confirmed by the underlying philosophy of digital assets as a whole. The historical data along with what we know about growth functions rooted in a philosophy that propels human potential helps to explain the likely upcoming parabolic growth and largest creation of generational wealth yet to be seen in our lifetimes.

"Bitcoin is a momentous monetary innovation enabling a new mode of non-nation-state human organization, a “purified” form of capitalism free of nation-state interference and deserving of its own neologism." - Robert BreedLove 

To engage in the philosophy of Bitcoin, the precedent for discussion is set by the historic transformation of money. Robert BreedLove's, "Sovereignism ...a 12-part essay series exploring the disruption of the nation-state and the subsequent amplification of individual sovereignty during the Digital Age.", takes inspiration from The Sovereign Individual by authors, James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg, and is an in-depth logical reasoning of how Bitcoin will disrupt the current socio-economic organization as we know it. He describes Statism, in terms of any established centralized force exerting executive control over a population, under the authority of various '-isms' , (ie. secularism, fascism, communism, capitalism, etc.), to thermodynamically over time strip value from the masses, as done with Egyptian, Roman, ethnic, territorial, or otherwise captured strong holds, on a global level through the coercion and violence that has accompanied the rise of civilizations. Over time since the dawn of human organization to contemporary conditions as we know in this day and age, the centralized points of power have all gradually concentrated into the modern day reality of the Central Bank. BreedLove asserts that as economics is the driver of politics, (opposed to the alternate popularized view), that when the economic incentives for the strong-arm violence is diminished, so too will be the violence, and as violence decreases, efficiency in all aspects of life and society will percolate and flourish into more productive creation.

“War is the continuation of politics by other means.” — Clausewitz

Read more of his work for a deeper understanding and see his recent appearance with Tom Bilyeu

"The Philosophy of Bitcoin and How it Could Change the World As We Know It"

Part of manifesting money is in our psychological relationship with it, in how we think and feel about it. This interview delves into the work of Peterson's characterization of God as an elemental force of truth that supersedes all space and time, composed with integral qualities of creation and that money is an expression of this creation as it is representative of value flows in society. The market is merely an expression of truth when not corrupted by central banking. The entrepreneur is an elementary unit of the free market as a point of creation, the market interprets the creation value, information is transferred back through market activity to feed the process anew. The imposed mechanisms of fiat money by any centralized owner (i.e. Central Bank) is essentially theft and slavery as it usurps the time and creativity of the contributors. BreedLove's thesis, that Bitcoin will usher in the next  -ism to be collectively empowered as Sovereignism, by providing free market governance and decentralization, in a layer of protection against coercion, by even the "State". Thus, BTC offers a network of value exchange as an escape from taxation, inflation, and invasion making it an inevitable technology that may be slowed but cannot be stopped by any existing "State".

As a proponent of cooperation, it will be intriguing to see the path of this new    -ism and the degree of empowerment it can offer to even the weakest among us, and how the following transformation of this new coming -ism as the Sovereign Individual will evolve into the future form that streams those very powers of all combined. I believe that lies ahead in the Metaverse, but let's pause on that and focus now, on the present.  (i.e. Pre-2021-2022 Parabolic Crypto Run).

These elemental drivers of access to the economic incentives through force, will rearrange our world in ways we have yet to imagine as we remain under the 13% penetration level that precedes the rapid growth of majority adoption.  Considering that the growth of this asset is inevitable, what growth pattern will it take? Among speculations that have held true over time, the Logarithmic Regression function has provided a correlating range. Pratik Shukla defines logarithmic regression as "A function that increases or decreases rapidly at first, but then steadily slows as time moves...", comparing it to the growth rate of COVID. It makes sense in comparison, rather a penetration of technology, in a network of individuals spread in similar fashion. I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice, rather a means to share my perspective of basis for my personal speculations. The Bitcoin Rainbow Price Chart has historically shown that around Thanksgiving, every two years following the halving, Bitcoin (BTC) has reached ATHs. Note, the actual ATH may have been more into early December, but it seems a nice time to be reminded, while giving thanks for family and the upcoming liberation BTC has to offer our global community, to be mindful about looking at indicators as signs it may be time to take some profits, and move into Ethereum (ETH) for the next phase of the parabolic crypto bull cycle.

Bitcoin Rainbow Thanksgiving

The Live Bitcoin Rainbow Price Chart can be seen here

The Pi Cycle Top Indicator is a resource if back-testing, "For the past three market cycles, when the 111DMA moves up and crosses the 350DMA x 2 we see that it coincides with the price of Bitcoin peaking."

So for me this Holiday Season, I'll be putting aside the candle-stick charts to ride the BTC growth to the top, likely into early December. The market has seen a strong precedent for then moving into the next largest digital asset by marketcap, Ethereum (ETH), which has shown to follow BTC growth spurts for about a month following. I've zoomed in on a couple of the most obvious timeframes here, but multiple occurrences of this pattern can be seen, of ETH starting the upturn as soon as BTC begins to turn downwards, when zooming in on significant market moments between the two assets, as done here in Trading View. Although it's all speculation and we never can really be certain of anything, following past spurts in BTC puts ATH for ETH in January, when the parabolic growth then ripples through the other alt coins with "crypto winter" setting in possibly February, if the following years of downturn follow this pattern as they have following past market movements in similar conditions. Other than holdings that are in strict HODL accounts and protocols, I plan from there to sell ~80% of my digital assets, and maybe just watch and play the market following, lying in wait for the next phase of the cycle when conditions again align to buy back in big! (like the next halving 😉 )BTC runs, then ETH, then altsCharts used for analysis by Trading View 

There is much conjecture about how the market may play out of pattern this time. That as volatility in logarithmic regression growth decreases over time smaller parabolic spurts should be expected, or that adoption is occurring at a more rapid rate and may extend cycle or avoid crypto winter, that governments are intervening, or corporations are gaining controlling shares, that for various reasons, things this time will be different. Of course as a proponent of the notion that the ONLY thing any of us can depend on is that things will change, it does remain possible that all the models this time break and something new happens; but until it does, the past seems to have continually proven its ability for repetition.

If it does come, Crypto Winter should be seen as an opportunity, for those of us not wired to play options, to take a break from playing the charts, spending that time instead with productively engaging with the cryptographic universe (ie. metaverse) and discover the protocols being built to empower the Sovereign Individual, the communities with the strongest networks, the decentralized open source projects taking on real world issues, the utilities being provided to facilitate movement from the off-chain world into on-chain value.

Would love to learn of the most paradigm-shifting projects you may know of!

What are your predictions for the current digital asset market cycle, end of year 2021 into 2022? 

What is the basis of your philosophies on BTC and cryptographic technologies?

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Jakova Pen
Jakova Pen

Author, Producer, Founder of multimedia art, music and literature promoting community, eco-consciousness and mindfulness. •BS: UC Berkeley -Conservation of Natural Resources •MS: USC-GIST -Blockchain DevCert 2022

Manifest Money
Manifest Money

During this transformative time for money, before our very eyes, Digital Assets are about to propel into mass adoption and the crypto space is ripe with the highest growth potential of our lifetimes, deriving that essential component to various aspects of what we each seek and dream. Not financial advice, just opinions and speculations of what's ahead and what it means for humanity as a whole. 🦄 💎 ⛏ 📈 🚀 🌙 💫 ✨

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