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The Best Centralized Crypto Exchanges

The Best Centralized Crypto Exchanges

In todays blog I'm going to be covering the best cryptocurrency exchanges you can use to conduct your trades on. Now unlike DeFi exchanges the crypto exchanges I'm talking about are all centralized and keep your keys. Now there are a lot of pros and cons between using centralized exchanges vs DeFi exchange and one like I stated before is you don't own your keys the exchanges do so technically any crypto held on these wallets are technically owned by the exchanges. But the crypto exchanges I'm discussing today are all trustworthy and verified safe exchanges to sell and hold funds/cryptos on. Last couple things I wanna say are this isn't in any form financial advice so don't take it as so. Another is affiliate links will be provided below for you to sign up with you and I both get rewards when you use these link so make sure to sign up using them. Finally Before we get into the blog I want to say that all these exchanges have something different about them that gives them pros and cons from each other so make sure to read the whole list to know which one you should start to trade on. Now lets get into the post.               

Coinbase/Coinbase Pro

Now personally I use this website to conduct most of my trading. It is probably my favorite exchange to use and that's for so many reasons. While I use the pro version I still use the regular website to earn cryptocurrency occasionally. Now what makes this my favorite exchange to use is because first you get to earn cryptos using this website through there learn and earn program that is super easy and is a great way to get into cryptos and start getting into passive income. That isn't the only reason though my second reason is because this exchange is also FDIC covered up to $250,000 so your money is backed. My Third is also the low fees you get for trading on small volumes and the fact they allow purchase as low as $5 dollars for cryptos. My final reason is also because they created USDC and have the funds to back it up unlike other stable coins. This makes USDC one of the best stable coins to acquire. This means this exchange has a lot of support from the U.S government and can be easily trusted. Some good things to know are that the fees on this exchange are different if you use the pro version. The regulars website has higher fees and less tools to use for analytics but on the upside it's easier to use and allows for the use of debit and credit cards where as pro doesn't and only allows for online banking and wiring. Another great plus is the fact it comes with a mobile app you can download that makes trading on the go easy and it doesn't take up a lot of space unlike some other exchange apps. Plus it super easy to use the analytic tools on the pro version compared to other exchanges where it's more complicated to use tools and to comprehended charts. This site overall is great for beginner crypto investors and pros as well.  You can sign up using this link coinbase.jpg


This is probably my second favorite crypto exchange to use to conduct trade and sells on. The reason for that is because of the super low trading fees that are best out of any exchange even coin base. Now this crypto exchange is more targeted at professional traders and investors. But don't let that scare you away this site is still easy to use and has the best analytic tools out of any of the exchanges on this list. It also has some cryptos that aren't available on coin base. There's also the fact that you can stake easily on this exchange at some actual decent rates. But there are still cons for using this site especially toward American users. First this exchange isn't at all FDIC secured or backed. Second our American users have to use a different website with some slight changes. One being some cryptocurrencies are missing compared to the regular website. Third our UK readers also won't be able to use binance as well as it was recently restricted. Finally you have to use $10 or more on trades so this exchange is more geared towards bigger trades and buys/sells. now they do have their own cryptocurrency called BNB that's worth $313.44 as of (7/10/21) that if you buy can be used to pay fees at a lower rate. They do have a mobile app but I personally haven't used it and the reason for that is because the app requires over 500mb of space. You can sign up using the link I have provided or use my code (55716023)               binance.jpg


Now kucoin is an exchange that I don't use all that much. The reason for that is one I don't like the layout of the exchange and I don't have the app on my phone. Although I'm sure most of you know about it and have an account already if you use the publish0x platform. They do have cheap fees as low as binance and a lot more cryptos then both of the exchanges above. They also do have their own crypto called KCS which brings the fees down when you use it to pay fees. It's price as of right now is at $12.48. You also earn for holding the token as well. You can also do more financial related things on this site as well. Such as staking and lending crypto. They also as well allow leveraging on cryptos too although it's not recommended. You can also earn crypto through airdrops being done on the site. Right now they have a nft drop happening you can get for free. They do have a mobile app but I can't say anything about it because I haven't used or downloaded it yet. This exchange is defiantly the most decentralized out of all these exchanges on this list. You can sign up using the link below or my code (rJ7YFV4)      kucoin.jpg

My Final Words   

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