Believe in yourself to achieve your goals

Believe in yourself to achieve your goals

By JackelinLopez | JackelinLopez | 12 Mar 2020


For a while, I was immersed in negative thoughts about what I wanted to achieve. I wished I had so many things in my life that I would work hard for days to get them, but my mind would play tricks on me and give up.

I ended up leaving everything with the wrong idea of having made a bad decision. I mistakenly accepted that I was fine with what I already had and there was no reason to get more until I decided to change all that.

I learned to trust myself

I wasted my time commenting my projects to other people looking for maybe approval, to that person who told me that I was going to achieve it, but out of envy nobody told me anything and my thoughts were falling apart.

One day I sat up in bed and closed my eyes. I imagined everything I wanted to achieve again and said to myself that I could. At that moment I began to believe in myself and I have worked tirelessly to maintain that confidence that only I could give myself.

The mind can sabotage us at times, but we have to be strong and break down those thoughts that make us get stuck. For that, I get up, drink a coffee, look through the window to try to get something other than negative into my head. I always look for a way to think positive and stay true to those goals to be achieved.

I always visualize when I already have those achievements, I think in the present and that has worked for me. You just have to know how to control your mind.

You may face obstacles, but that's normal, that's what life is all about. It's just a game to give you strength and prepare you to enjoy yourself because the best will come to you, or when you least expect it, you'll have it when you're the one fighting for it.

Trust you, you're doing fine.


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