The Doors of Perception..

By DrMind | It’s never too late... | 7 Dec 2019

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My favorite band ever is the Doors. Taken from Adolph Huxley’s book “The Doors of Perception”. Now if you have never heard of them, I suggest checking them out. I listened to them even before my journey into drugs, even more so during and continuing even after. 

Jim Morrison, who died at the age of 27, was their lead singer. He really tested the boundaries of existence. There was no drug he would say no to. Always searching for something greater. Like we all should be. But when is enough? Well there is no one there to tell you that.

Enough for me was when I kept re-tripping from a dose shrooms that seemed to last for days. I’m reality it lasted about 24 hours but time didn’t really exist to me them. I’d like to say it still doesn’t, but even I at this point in my life, have to be at places at certain times. So I kind of need time.

I’m not too happy about it but this is the life I have chosen up until now. I have no one to blame besides myself.  We all need to take responsibility for our lives. Even if it’s not where we would like to be now, we have to keep moving to where we would like to be. 

The “Doors” are always there for us to take a chance and try walking through. Just because they may be locked at the time, we must try to find the key. 


Interested in more that is offered. Discovering what makes us think the way we do and how we can improve ourselves thru daily reflection.

It’s never too late...
It’s never too late...

Each day is a brand new opportunity to make the changes to life that we all want. Many of us struggle with bad habits that we wish we could change. Two popular methods that are used is the cold turkey method or the phase it out method. Both can be effective but both also could be counter productive. It all depends on what personality type we are. Some of us cannot do things in moderation and the ones that do, micro manage every decision. So what do you do? Just start making the changes. Today!

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