IOI - Trade Race Manager.

A new style in the game for those that know it is IOI life is a game trade race manager.

Trade Race Manager

The idea behind this game is great so I do not want to see it get buried give it a try because its totally awesome.

The idea is the following you have a car, which is by the way an nft, and you fuel it with three cryptocurrencies that you feel will do well.

There a lot of free races to play and if you manage to win games you can gather IOI token and play games with it and improve your overall rating.

They will add more coins later.

They are available on google play but I have not tried it yet.

This is a great platform so give it a try.

Here is my refferal link for those that are interested: referal link

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IOI-trade race manager
IOI-trade race manager

One of the best games to play in the crypto. The idea behind it is that you fuel your cars (which by the way are nfts) with three cryptocurrencies and you play against others.Currently they only have the IOI token of the game.This game was previously known with another name so I am here to inform those that has not logged in yet.Do not let this game get buried cause its awesome.

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