PipeFlare Launched 1FLR Token!

PipeFlare Launched 1FLR Token!

By mxrs | Pipeflare Pro | 18 Oct 2021

Very exciting news to share!

PipeFlare, an arcade style gaming platform that pays crypto, has launched their token (1FLR). 

I’ve been engaged with this project for a while and believe it has a lot of potential. The 1FLR token can currently be earned through the hosted games and the faucet on PipeFlare, more details on buy/sell/trade and integration below. 

1FLR Basics

1FLR was launched on Polygon (MATIC) with a supply of 4 Billion Tokens. The entire supply was minted and added to the 1FLR MATIC Pool. Anybody can sell/purchase 1FLR into the pool or become a liquidity provider. Since the entire supply was minted upfront, there is no minting schedule.

How To Buy/Sell/Trade 1FLR

Since 1FLR was launched on MATIC, the MATIC token is the underlying currency. You will need MATIC to purchase 1FLR, and you will receive MATIC if you sell your 1FLR. You can collect some MATIC using the PipeFlare Faucet.

Here are some helpful blogs on how to Buy/Sell/Trade 1FLR and how to Bridge Ethereum Into MATIC.

Withdraw 1FLR

Once you have collected 1FLR from games and the faucet, you can follow the instructions in this blog.

How PipeFlare will Integrate 1FLR


1FLR will become the primary token of the platform. To reward users who collect 1FLR, PipeFlare will offer:

  • Discounts on NFTs if paying with 1FLR
  • Discounts on Subscriptions if paying with 1FLR
  • Discounts on Referral Purchases if paying with 1FLR


PipeFlare is aiming for 30 games on its  platform – all of which will use 1FLR as their main form of reward.

1FLR will also get you access to the Flare Tier in games, opening up higher leaderboard rewards.

This Is Just The Begging 

As I said before, PipeFlare won me over before they had a listed token. I think this platform is here to stay and has a strong future. I recommend anyone who finds this interesting to try out the platform, play the games, join the Discord, earn some 1FLR, and see how you like it. Click here to get started.

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