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SORARE - Fast 10-2700 euro

Football fantasy game based on the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The game features teams from all over the world. Each football player has his own card, which is a non-fungible token (NFT), which is registered on the blockchain. Unlike most crypto projects that are not backed by anything, Sorare is an official company. Images of players and teams are used on a license basis. It's kind of like a FIFA football sim where developers contract with clubs to use player images and team symbols.

1. First, register on the site:
(Promotion - Invite a friend to Sorare You will both receive a free card. How does it work? Every new friend you make 1 limited card)
2. Select at least 1 favorite club there to receive initial cards
3. Verify phone number


Fast 10-2700 euros Let's start with a faster way, for which we need investments of 20-25 euros (it will pay off on the first day).
After creating a team and confirming the number, go to the tab in the upper left corner of the MARKET-NEW AUCTION CARDS-CARDS.

Choose only LIMITED and sit and catch 5 players for 3.2-4.2 euro,
you can pay through a simple credit / debut card (money is deducted without commission and only if you win the auction) or throw the air on the site

After you purchase 5 limited cards, you will be given one bonus limited card, it can be either Messi (1.5k euros) or a Chinese 40 years old (10 euros)


1. We perform all the above actions, namely the registration and purchase of players.
2. We bring 30 referrals to the platform with all the fulfilling conditions and get one UNIQUE card.
The cost of a unique card is from 1000 euros (40-year-old goalkeeper) to infinity:
Unique Erling Haaland map was sold at an open auction of football crypto-fantasy Sorare for 265.1 ETH (or ≈ 613,844 euros at the exchange rate)

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Invest minimum, get maximum.

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