Marlin $POND

Marlin is an open protocol that provides a high-performance #Layer0 programmable network infrastructure for DeFi and Web 3.0.


1) Scalability 

Unreliable networks and long block propagation delays are a key factor limiting blockchain throughput

Marlin SDK provides a plug-and-play networking alternative to increase the throughput of all blockchains with minimal protocol changes



The number of nodes in a blockchain are often restricted to small numbers to guarantee low confirmation times

Marlin SDK allows blockchains and off-chain protocols to scale to hundreds of thousands of nodes without compromising on performance



The pattern of packet propagation through a P2P network reveals the origin of transactions

Marlin Foundry enables creation and deployment of anonymity networks that can be seamlessly integrated through the Marlin SDK


POND can be used to delegate to Marlin nodes and be incentivized for operating the relay network correctly



You can lock 1 million POND to mint 1 MPOND and you can redeem 1 MPOND for a million POND


The bridge

Conversion from POND to MPOND or vice-versa is regulated by a bridge to ensure MPOND is minted judiciously


Key points

• Every Marlin node requires atleast 1 MPOND in delegations to join the network

• Only MPOND holders may make proposals or vote in the POND governance

• Conversion from POND to MPOND is instantaneous while the reverse involves a delay

• The maximum supply of POND is 10,000,000,000 and MPOND is 10,000

• Staking rewards for validators are paid in POND while FlowMint distributes MPOND

• Reward earned by a node is proportional to its propensity of being in a fast path

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