$CISLA Crypto Island


Goal for 2022: Buy an island in the Bahamas

Our goal

Ever been on vacation to an island and had the feeling that you wanted to stay there a while longer than initially planned? The complete serenity, sandy white beaches, pleasurable temperatures and we all know immediately why the vibes of the island are present.

Everyone will tell you that you can keep on dreaming…..until now! 


Crypto Island Group is here to make that dream a reality for everyone. This is the first real estate project in the world which set to buy a private island in the Bahamas and tokenise it, the beauty of it is that we all can co-own it!


Imagine telling your family and friends that you officially co-own an island, to be more specific, a co-owner of Little Whale Cay. A fully operational, private island with its own airplane strip! 


Buying an island is not an easy task as one might imagine. There is lots of paperwork, permits, legal documents, research, debating and multiple meetings with government officials of all levels, real state agents and finally negotiations. Luckily, the Crypto Island team is ahead of the curve with hard work and determination. Now, the only thing that separates us from having this dream become a reality is $35 million dollars, then we can pack our suitcases and travel to the Bahamas!


The development stage

Purchasing an island is a one-off cost, making the island sustainable for Crypto Island and its community is a larger project. We will eventually merge the Crypto Island DAO into the $CISLA currency, in doing so we will combine the strength of both and lay the foundations needed for strong foundation.


Thanks to our own currency $CISLA, we are able to fund the following;


Extended development of the island

The daily maintenance & staff cost

Low cost of living for the community

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