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How to start cloud mining even for beginners

By akis | Invest in bitcoin | 7 Sep 2019

An important thing when dealing with virtual currency is the "secret key".
Depending on how you handle "secret keys", the security of the virtual currency you own will also change.
A "secret key" is a character string that can indicate that you have ownership of a virtual currency.
It's like a bank account PIN.

① To start mining, first make a wallet!
② Create an account with a cloud mining company
③ Purchase a mining pool

What is a wallet?
It is like a wallet that stores virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
It is very convenient to use a smartphone version.
The main wallet is "Blockchain".
This wallet can be synchronized with your PC and smartphone, so you should download it to both.

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Invest in bitcoin
Invest in bitcoin

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