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By akis | Invest in bitcoin | 11 Sep 2019

An important thing when dealing with virtual currency is the "secret key".
Depending on how you handle "secret keys", the security of the virtual currency you own will also change.
A "secret key" is a character string that can indicate that you have ownership of a virtual currency.
It's like a bank account PIN.


Points when sending virtual currency to the wallet!

One thing you have to be careful about when you send money to your wallet that you have made after purchasing the virtual currency from the exchange is sending the virtual currency.
If you send it by mistake, there are two situations.
① If the remittance address does not exist, it has not actually been remittance.
② When the remittance address exists and the remittance is actually performed.
If there is no remittance, you will be inquired at the remittance exchange, but most exchanges will be able to handle it, so I think it will return in full.
If the remittance has been made, you will be inquired to the exchange of the remittance destination, but be sure to tell the transaction ID when you meet any exchange.
Even if you give the transaction ID, the sent virtual currency may not return 100%, but it is worth the challenge.
To avoid sending virtual currency incorrectly!
When entering the address of the recipient, read the QR code with a copy and paste or smartphone etc. and send money rather than entering it yourself.
Inadvertent manual input leads to input errors.

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