Fallen leaves and tree roots

Stay and Lay Down with Us

By Doctorinspecto | Introspecto | 16 May 2021

The wet yellow leaves have faded,

to different shades, 

like memories,

but they welcome your feet,

we're all friends here.


"Stay and lay down with us. 

Come hear stories of the sun. 

Be safe, be warm"


They writhe in the breeze. 

Old hands that paw and grasp,

their veins bulging to the surface.

Desperate and intent.


"Stay and lay down with us.

Don't shamble on towards the cold,

where the sun is ours no longer"


They muffle the wind, 

a lilting moan kept far away.

A blanket thrown over the hisses and snaps.

to keep them out of mind.


"Stay and lay down with us.

Things can be as they were,

bright and comforting"



the tall wooden skeletons,

sway and wave you on.

Wrap your arms around yourself,

A cold wind blows. 


The stones no longer watch,

they've all turned away.

Those rocks that have forgotten, 

gaze on with grey indifference.


"Stay and lay down with us. 

Remember that shining shelter.

Those days can rise again"


Wrap your arms around yourself,

a cold wind blows.  


Go check out the incredible EdinaBaltas's Photography! 

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