Answer Online Quizzes, Earn Money - In The Form Of Cryptocurrency Tael (WABI)

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Answer Online Quizzes and Earn Money!


Tael is The digital token used in the Techrock ecosystem for verifiably authentic products. Formerly WaBi.

Answer the following questions and gain more Tael. Answers can be found in their Medium post.

The more points you gain, the more Tael Tokens you obtain. Sign up now and get this quiz answered!

It has a lot of questions for you to answer and also there are easy tasks given to earn more points too such as watching a Youtube video which will let you earn 100 Points. 1 Point = 1 Tael.



Know more about this cryptocurrency which runs in two blockchains.

A deeper look into the project of Tael & Techrock.

Tael is on the verge of a new phase focused on adoption, sales, and real-world usage. For you, as a Tael (ticker: WABI) token holder, it is important to know how Tael & Techrock each play their part in the ecosystem, and how our real-world sales and partnerships impact you.


Screenshot taken from the website.

This is extremely amazing. And hoping this will be a success doing a Quiz use case for a running platform.

Thank you so much for dropping by and checking this one out.



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Introduction To CryptoCurrencies
Introduction To CryptoCurrencies

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