Introducing Fertile Land

Fertile Land is a gaming platform that aims to bring the benefits of using cryptocurrencies in the gaming industry. The platform will allow users to play popular games, challenge each other and earn cryptos while playing their favourite game. Fertile Land will also have its native games and cryptocurrency. Fertile Land allows users to challenge using their favourite digital currencies and do not force them to use native TFH crypto tokens. In addition to that, it provides users with a very simple and seamless way to withdraw their earnings to their wallet of choice outside of the platform.

Moreover, Fertile Land has partnered up with many popular games to list on the platform along with native platform-only exclusive games. It will ensure a user always finds his favorite game and can explore thousands of other games.

How it works.
Firstly, gamers have to register to the Fertile Land platform and create a free account. Then, gamers can challenge each other within the Fertile Land platform. Additionally, they can build a team and challenge other teams. The winning team will be awarded $TFH tokens. Other users can bet on their favorite team and earn $TFH if their team wins. In our fertile land platform, all the digital assets you own within the game are empirically yours, and you can do whatever you want with them. The more time you spend playing a P2E game, the more items you can earn. You can then sell these in-game items for real currency in various marketplaces. Opportunity to earn real money The P2E model has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry, according to industry experts. As stated above, in the early days of gaming, people would play games to relax or experience interactive storytelling. Gradually, social elements like multiplayer games came about, where players could play against each other or together with a shared goal. These multiplayer games also introduced in-game economies where players could buy and sell items. However, these in-game items were still not connected to real-world money or finance and continued to benefit the developers of the game. The fertile land platform will aim to provide an added incentive for players who want to spend more time in a virtual environment without worrying about losing what they earn in the game. The more they play, the more in-game items they can collect. These in-game items can then be traded for crypto or real currency. P2E gamers can earn money for doing wha.


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Denis Lukavačkić
Denis Lukavačkić

Chief Operating Officer at Crypto Tron Exchange and Shop

Introducing Fertile Land
Introducing Fertile Land

Fertile Land is a gaming platform that aims to bring the benefits of using cryptocurrencies in the gaming industry.

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