Cryptocurrency; the unintentional impact on life, art, music, and living
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Cryptocurrency; the unintentional impact on life, art, music, and living

By ReachOutForBits | internetthing | 3 weeks ago

    There is no doubt that, compared to 10 years ago; cryptocurrency is less of a novel idea - and more of a functional way of getting financial independence.

This is not a generalized view of independence however, and in its own special way, cryptocurrency provides people with opportunities that they may never have the opportunity to experience.


Things like:

   -movement of money country to country without fear of loss

   -security in stable-coins that provide financial defense against market fluctuations by staying near or close to a valued amount or currency.

   -healthcare access in areas where money is hard to get

   -data security, and message signing transactions, sharing information

  -payroll, insurance, gambling, food, weapons, clothes, etc. etc.

Does this affect us?

-Yes- and -no-

It really depends on your association with cryptocurrency

For example:

someone who never tries bitcoin- just thinks it a coin they can put inside their pocket.

whereas;someone who has tried bitcoin- understands private and public keys.


in some special situations, indirectly, cryptocurrency can have an impact regardless of status in country.

think - banks or realtors,  etc.

I think cryptocurrency has the ability to become something that produces results - a blockchain technology that is adapted and evolves from current trends, will

help us better understand and use specific technologies related to cryptocurrency such as - asic, gpu, cpu, mobile, IOT, stake, and crypto-lending -


this in turn will continue to create opportunities for improvement in technology in general

we may even discover 1000% more energy efficient ways to produce blockchains

security wise, I feel that cryptocurrency in general will become more secvre but, easier to access

personification of cryptocurrency (designer cryptocurrency) will become a thing, otherwise items will start to hold different digital values in crypto for trade items.


security made from blockchain tech, will eventually; end up providing militaristic advantage by secvre money transfer and message signing and various other identification techniques


Timestamps will be everywhere in the form of blockchain.

city's/towns will be able to utilize this data without citizen appropriation such as name, number, address, P-I-N


police fingerprinting database becomes mineable, and secvreable by average citizens concerned about justice safety and data integrity

in music someone has already used crypto to create interest in artists-

and there are genres of music that use computer "sounds"

in art, bitcoin hold some weight and over 5 years - has produced unique images and videos and content for the internet in almost all aspects


this is just speculation from a old-nerd

but the future is grand and holds several unique opportunities


Take advantage.

ROFB says GodBlessUsAll <.3


Have fun everyone!



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