There is life in winter too

For many people, the winter season is long-awaited. And there is an explanation for this. In this case, the change of the external world plays a role, as well as a new occupation that has appeared for all generations.
Early winter often resembles late autumn, when the water is covered with a thin layer of ice, and snow covers only part of the earth's surface. The birds remaining for the winter seem to look at the bare branches of trees with surprise. The sky seems to have sunk lower than usual. The sun is no longer shining like in spring or summer. Its rays seemed to become colder, reminding that it is necessary to dress warmer than a month ago.In the midst of winter, the mood of all people rises noticeably. This is due to the fact that a lot of entertainment appears on the street, related to sledding, skiing, skating. Children, looking forward to the snowfall, joyfully run to sculpt snow figures and play with snowballs. Throughout the winter, holidays are also an occasion for fun.
Once in nature in the evening, you can have fun watching thousands of shimmering snow diamonds shimmer under the lantern. Untouched in the morning, deep snowdrifts resemble a warm home blanket. Only in winter you can learn to distinguish the tracks of a variety of birds and animals, solving their routes.
A small park or a forest area pleases with unusual landscapes thanks to snow caps wrapped around trees, unique silence. If a river or lake catches your eye, then you can be the happiest person to find a fish swimming under the transparent surface of the ice. Along the shores of the reservoir, there are often snow-covered blades of grass that resemble crystal twigs more. In these places, you feel like a character in some kind of fairy tale. I don't even want to return to reality, to part with the mysterious chilling atmosphere. At this time, it was as if everything around was numb from the cold. But sometimes a person wants to go far from home to enjoy the unique beauties of Russian nature.
Thus, when winter ends, my soul becomes a little sad, because I don't want to say goodbye to the wonderful landscapes of my native land, classes that can be realized in the fresh air only in these wonderful three months. It is replaced by a warm flow of air, the first greenery, bright rays of the sun. However, the memory remains of the frosty air and the brightness of snowfall, which occur only in winter.

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Inna 15
Inna 15

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