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Most of all, nothing has changed, you still wake up in the morning, wash up, make coffee, lazily frown at your breakfast, only every day it gets darker outside the window. And one day your alarm will ring, you will open your eyes and see the night. And this means that it's autumn in your city. Autumn is like an exquisite disease: you have a snack, you admire the change of colors, you grab the leaves with your hands, but you are already beginning to appreciate some kind of foreign seal and you are imbued with a quiet tenderness for your beloved and loved ones, as if I am having breakfast with the last leaf that fell on the asphalt and they are exhausted. But time goes by, and the poetic fleur falls off from autumn, exposing bare trees, cold, cloudy slush and the first wet snow, which quickly turns into mud under the feet of cold people with sullen faces. But the colder and more hopeless the darkness outside, the more cozy the warm soft world looks in the apartments. And if summer is the time to run away from home to meet the unfulfilled dreams of a teenage soul, then late autumn is the time to return.

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Inna 15
Inna 15

In almost all cases, the most difficult thing is the beginning.

Interesting stories and photos
Interesting stories and photos

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