Radiate warmth and light, give joy to other people and do good.

Once in every person's life, absolutely harmless, very sincere and open - cozy people will definitely appear. When you meet them, you want to smile endlessly, and in general, the feeling of happiness somehow imperceptibly covers from head to toe. Meetings with such people pass too quickly, because you start not noticing the time, the cups of tea you have drunk and the changes in the topics discussed. You somehow suddenly realize that this person is already close and dear. Even the fact that a couple of weeks, days or minutes have passed since your acquaintance becomes unimportant. It's just that in the company of such people you seem to become better, warmer and more harmonious yourself.
At the moments of parting, I want to hug this magical person very tightly, because only with him you can be yourself, only to him you can lay out everything that has been waiting for your listener in your soul for so long. It seems that you are ready to follow him even into unknown distances, conquer the seas and oceans, anywhere, just to feel this indescribable "comfort".
One day you suddenly want to be the same. I want to radiate warmth and light, give joy to other people and do good. Then you break away from your overly important affairs and cook a delicious dinner for your parents who come home exhausted after work, then you write to friends who haven't heard from you for a long time that you missed you and don't mind meeting the other day, then you open up to yourself from a completely different side.
Being a cozy person is very pleasant, although it is probably incredibly difficult, because in the modern world people are used to receiving, too rarely giving something in return. But it's worth trying. And life will be easier and better.

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Inna 15
Inna 15

In almost all cases, the most difficult thing is the beginning.

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