Mother's heart

A mother's heart loves her children in any situation, ever since one beautiful and unforgettable day of her life, a mother takes her baby in her arms. The desire to raise a child who will meet all hopes and expectations, from this day occupies all the thoughts of the mother, and only the child now completely belongs to her loving maternal heart. Mom, Mom! You are worthy of these tender sincere words. I look at you and remember my carefree childhood. You gave me and my sister a life and devoted yourself to us. How can your heart love us so much! It's a pity that we don't think that sometimes we can offend you with our actions or harsh words. Forgive us for upsetting you, that sometimes you listen to teachers' comments about our bad behavior. We should think more often about how not to hurt your heart, how to smooth out the wrinkles on your face. After all, the older we get, the more you need our attention and love. We should not be shy to be kind and gentle with mom, not consider it a labor to be patient and attentive to her. Unclaimed and unspent good feelings dry up, we get used to being callous and ungrateful with the closest and dearest person - mom. And very often it happens that we behave prudently and rudely: "If you buy me a new phone, I will try to get a high grade in geography; if you allow me to go to a party, I will take out a bucket of garbage." We should love our life already for the fact that she gave us a mother - so cheerful, sincere, kind and wise. After all, how many children in this world are deprived of this happiness. A mother's heart and boundless mother's love do not warm them, do not fill their children's lives with meaning. Mom, you have become a friend for me, a like-minded person who understands and respects my interests. You always listen to what your mother's heart tells you and give the right advice. Thank you, Mom, for what you are, and that your heart is always ready to love and forgive!

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Inna 15
Inna 15

In almost all cases, the most difficult thing is the beginning.

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