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Which of these 2 sentences do You choose?


Two biggest lies in the world are not only sentences: “You have talent” and “You don’t have talent” (as I claimed in my first post on Medium, 10 days ago). One can create more deep examples.
Surely sentences
- It is hard
- It is easy
are among them.

Nothing is easy and nothing is hard. Some things require more time and some things require less. Tasks are easier in specific conditions and harder in others. Achieving goals sometimes uses more money and sometimes less.
One day You will be lucky and the other one You will be unlucky.
For person X, exercise A can be “easier” than exercise B, whereas for person Y exercise B will be “easier” than A. So which of them is harder? None.

Time flows. Your skills and abilities flow. Your endurance and believeing in Yourself collapses and raises. Work, gens, society, fortune are 4 (but nor only) main factors. But the difference between world of dreams and world of reality has its own name. It is called ACTION.

When I was on first year of mathematical studies, I thought “why it is so hard. I was so good in primary, secondary and high school”. Now I can laugh at myself. I’m on 2nd year of Master’s Studies (so 5th year in general) and I learn things which I would think are at cosmic level if I were to see them 4 years ago.

Attitude and point of view. A lot is going to change in Your life if You change them.
Look at these two sentences:
- I will change my point of view only if everything will change for better
- Everything will change for better only if I will change my point of view

They are created from the same words.
Which one do You choose?

Stay cool!

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Maciej Ficek

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