TRON announces cross-blockchain integration through APOLLO

TRON announces cross-blockchain integration through APOLLO

By sp3ktraline | Inside The Pickle | 1 May 2021

TRON's CEO Justin Sun announced on Twitter the upcoming launch of a new project called Apollo, which will allow for the integration of cross-blockchain projects.


What does that mean? Not sure, yet. The tweet reads as follows: "Our official cross-chain solution will enable data and asset transfer across multiple chains, which features security, openness and unlimited scalability."

Unfortunately, there's no information I could find on the project yet. My speculative side is hoping this will allow for projects established in other networks to be able to migrate to TRON so they can take advantage of its fast transaction and low fee process. Similar to what TrueUSD did a couple of weeks ago - friendly reminder, in a couple of weeks the volume of TUSD on the Tron chain (23.9B) surpassed the volume of TUSD on the Ethereum chain (23.4B). That's a big thing.

Let's quickly think in things gaming-related, as an example. There's a bunch of Ethereum blockchain gaming projects that are currently kind of stuck due to the high transaction fees associated to Ethereum, despite their potential. Could APOLLO allow them to migrate to the TRON network and get rid of that problem? 

Inter-changeability of assets in between different blockchains could also be a big deal when it comes to increasing the success of DeFi and NFT's, for example. If so, this can be huge, and TRON can become the most viable competitor to Ethereum, judging on TUSD's recent events.

We'll have to wait, and see. For now, this is just speculation. Until the official news on the project are released, there's not much more we can do other than guess. But this could mean the end of Crypto tribalism in a way, as it could provide a sort of bridge in between different blockchains and protocols. 


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