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Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto re-introduces free tipping from users

By sp3ktraline | Inside The Pickle | 29 Nov 2021 has been on turmoil today. We who have been using the platform have grown used to seeing new adjustments and changes made every other week, but this time I think I can speak by at least a small majority when I say this one was quite unexpected. Today, reintroduced a feature that allows users to tip other users for free, in a way a little similar to what happens here on publish0x



The amount you have available for tips varies. I've started with around $0.20 but that quickly escalated because the amount kept getting refilled as I was handing tips out. The maximum I had available at one time was $0.67, so far as I could track. I left my computer for most of the morning, and when I returned I didn't give many tips because I didn't want the fund to hit $0.00. Turns out I was worrying for nothing, since the system quickly sent me a message providing incentive to keep handing out those tips. 



This feature was already active on when I first joined but it ended up being removed just a couple weeks after, so I never actually experienced it. This time, I have to say the experience is feeling quite good. It makes one feel like a curator, and the best part is you also make a little profit while promoting others. It feels like they've nailed this one on the spot, and that this can be an incentive for users to help other users, which feels like a sort of empowerment.


As mentioned in my previous articles I am established there already as my day to day hanging out corner of the internet. If you're not yet, you should really consider it. Feels like every other week there's a new surprise waiting to be discovered, and it usually comes topped with BCH:

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