CryptomonKeys and the advent Calendar of freebies

CryptomonKeys and the advent Calendar of freebies

By sp3ktraline | Inside The Pickle | 3 Dec 2021


Most probably due to the recent writing competition event happening in which I took my chance to share my view about Banano, I somehow yesterday found myself pressing a few links after reading an article here on publish0x about CryptomonKeys' X-mas calendar and next thing I know I am over at their discord way more confused that I needed to be to what I was supposed to do next.

After a brief read of the rules to follow under their #how-to-freebies section, I was ready to enter both the #giveaways and #monkeytalk channels and begin my journey leveling up as a monKey citizen. Didn't take long. As soon as I entered the #monkeytalk channel, I noticed The Green Wizard bot was already passing NFT's to everyone engaging in the channel. I had just wrote "Ok monkeys, I am off work now and ready to bananize," and the bot sent me a message with a link to claim one of the NFT's from the giveaway.

Right after that, I wrote something witty about getting lucky, and I've received a second link to claim, which I passed on to a friend. This morning, I went there for the Santa Gift which you can claim typing the command ,santa and I got lucky with yet a third NFT.



I got pretty stoked. I honestly hadn't gone there expecting to get anything from it. I sometimes spend some time over at and I've had great experiences chatting with the community there and I sort of like the way the whole tipping while keeping it informal and simple works.

So I've returned today. And what do you know; got a few more NFT's, this time just by chatting with people and arranging for a trade. In all honesty, I gave the monKey a good trade, as the one I gave was Uncommon and the three Commons I got in return are worth just a little more than half of it according to AtomicHub's WAX listings.



But I don't care, in all honesty. Because to me it's not so much about 1 more WAX or 2 more WAX, as it is about sharing the same spirit that led me to receive them for free in the first place. With these 3 other NFT's I get the pleasure of now passing them around and bringing some more people over to engage with the CryptomonKeys community. And who knows, maybe I will be the culprit of a few new beautiful relationships -- bananas style relationships.

Also, I got #1 and #2 and that gives me more reasons to keep returning to try and complete the full x-mas series and be an accomplished little monKey. Because... why not branch out a little now and then, right?


UPDATE: I must have been a nice boy, because ,santa over at #santacommand on the discord gifted me yet another NFT this morning :)

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