Web2.0 VS Web3.0

By JMoss | Inside the Blockchain | 10 May 2022

     The intrinsic shortfalls of technology adoption to humans, especially, when it's new or upgraded, is that most times people only assume it's difficult and not user friendly. And before we even attempt to brake the barrier of mass adoption for any kind of technology upgrade, we need to consider the current user's level of understanding, and actually that's if there wasn't any sort of consideration for those who are yet to be aware of the initial technology upgrade. Millions of people around the world, not only in Africa, are not aware of world wide web 1.0. Yeah! let alone, web3.0. Well, this post is not for them, because if you're reading this, lol, we've already found you, and you've been initiated, Haha. It's now about dissecting the difference between the previous and the latest web Upgrade.

World Wide Web 2.0. In my words, "Advance Identity Thief"

     Where X most times is known, X creates a platform and welcomes A - Z. Where X's platform (eg. Google) becomes interesting is when A-Z signs up/register to use X's platform. X's platform promises so many solutions and evidently sells products that solves A-Z's problems, the interaction is fun and the user experience is beautiful. The plot twist; X is the major player, and decides single handedly what to do with all the information, data, and insights that A-Z has provided, Voluntarily or accumulated via cookies planted in A-Z's devices, through the X platform.  You see where this is going? For more insight on "Advance Identity Thief" The Grate Hack.

Web2 was awesome, just that too many power and unknow permission was given to X, such that, for A to reach B, A has to reach X (because X has access) and leave a message, then X will in turn inform B that A has left a message. B then have to long on to X's platform to see what Message A had sent. Now That is the problem with Web2.

World Wide Web 3.0. In my words, "Freedom to Humanity" 

Web of Justice,

Web of Peace,

Permission less for everyone us!can you guess this song, "Web of Justice" it just came at the spur of the moment) 

     In web 3.0, X creates a platform for A-Z just like in web2.0. And gives X's platform source code to A-Z, makes it permission less so A-Z can openly contribute to the platform. The most important element of web3.0 is that X doesn't and cant have access to the message/transaction A sent/made with B on X's platform. completely secure. 

lets take a look at some examples.

Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0 

I have made it public that from the end of July 2022, I'll completely be off WhatsApp, and experience what it means to be truly free!

You should already know how WhatsApp works and its features. well, take a look at Status, to actively engage with me on a status, here is my private chat key; 0x0440da9fa52cac23c0da5a93cdd13943c7d54f146bdd219d40ea24a41dc56bae534f4492a1a43973a27cdec7b529369aadc2bc1f57848da0939779cd4ab50fcae6

I also have officially replaced my chrome for browsing, to Brave.

let me assume you already have a Metamask, NEAR, Trust... wallet.   

 I want to end this brief post, with a note; Web3.0 is only the best if we all care about our privacy and freedom. 

And please, show your homeboy some love, this is my first post on Publish0x, hope you liked it.




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