How cryptocurrency is impacting traditional sports and esports?

By Simouille | Infos | 23 Apr 2021


          Since 2017, the price of bicycle has exploded, and it is more and more used even if for the moment only 3% of the population use it. There are more than 1800 cryptocurrencies that have different uses. however, Bitcoin represents 90% of the crypto market. The sports industry is interested in this flourishing market. In particular Gambling companies such as Wagger, BlitzPredict, and Edgeless or betting sites like and, accept cryptocurrency as payment. more people want to get rich by winning crypto to the delight of gambling sites. In 2019 betting on crypto has been authorized in almost 20 states in the USA which opens up access to cryptocurrencies for gambling sites.




              Moreover, we will soon be able to earn money in the form of crypto by playing video games. For example, CSGO has introduced a betting function on some games, so we can bet BTC on our victory. This will give more interest to video games especially for the amateurs because from now on the games will have a financial stake. Moreover, I think that there will be more and more free-to-play games that will be financed by the bets.



           Some games that were previously too expensive for underprivileged families will be able to be purchased with the money earned in another game. You may no longer have to ask yourself the question: “will I play this game enough to pay this price?”. As for the young people whose parents do not want to buy them games, here they can have their favorite games.




          Gaming helps to give cryptocurrency more utility, more ways to use it. So Bitcoin is starting to gain importance in the world and is coming into everyday life. Cryptocurrencies can allow some people to get rich from betting and make paid games more accessible. This is a real revolution for the video game industry.



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