Tycoon - The first fully automatic social cryptocurrency platform with real cryptocurrency.

By Informcrypto | Informcrypto | 21 Oct 2019

On the Internet, more and more new projects based on blockchain technology. Safety is our main priority. Various security algorithms guarantee that attempts at deliberate manipulation or abuse of market will be prevented before they occur. KYC verification, 2FA, checking email, professional internal security, outsourcing of sensitive user data, security algorithms and the use of the established exchanges - all this makes the trade with Tycoon safe. One such project is Toshop https://tycoon.io.
The first fully automated social cryptocurrency platform with a real cryptocurrency.
Tycoon is a secure interface between professional traders and end users. All actions of the traders are tracked via a secure connection API in real time and can automatically be copied to the portfolio of the subscriber. Each user manages their own investments in their preferred stock exchange, having the ability to access their portfolio at any time.
Followers are free to designate a portion of its volume each selected trader and set individual stop-loss. Choice allows several traders to diversify investment to optimize the management of your portfolio.

To provide all users with a secure experience, the platform is designed with the highest safety standards and undergoes continuous assessment by means of individual algorithms.
Followers can copy the investment strategies from professional traders, not trusting their investments to unknown third parties.
Traders are classified according to various characteristics and can be sorted by a follower in any way.
Members can also work on the platform anonymously.
Successful traders profit from their followers, adding investments without having to manage them independently.
Traders profit from their followers returns on investment proportionately, without much additional effort.
All users have the opportunity to work with a pseudonym to protect their confidentiality.
On the platform token Tycoon is the currency of the payment, as well as BTC and ETH. When using token Tycoon you will get discounts on commissions, and profit, similar to a BNB in Binance.
Name: Tycoon
Blockchain: ERC-20
Max. delivery: 140 million
ICO Price: 0,10 $
Tycoon was developed by Traders for Traders. It meets all the requirements of professional traders to get strong recognition. Only the Pro Traders using the platform, retail traders can benefit from it and select your favorite trader from a large number of traders.
The more pool and the more complex ranking system,
the greater the probability that the Retail Trader will be able to identify
A Pro Trader who has a similar trading style, who wants
to trade the same crypto assets which is ahead of the market at the same time.
As professional traders, the founders Tycoon know exactly what you're looking for professional traders and not find
it on existing platforms.
Usually followers is investors who do not have enough time to conduct sophisticated market research or newcomers.
The objective of followers is to invest in cryptocurrency as successfully as possible with minimum effort.
Followers are included in the platform to find a suitable trader on the basis of their preferences, and then copy their strategies.
The trader following the four weeks.
Traders experienced investors and traders in the financial markets.
Their goal Tycoon is to maximize their profit
to assemble a large group of followers and, thus, maximize the volume of their trade.
These goals are achieved through successful trading and information channels.Road map
January - August 2018
Conceptual Design Team Building

September 2018
Frontend Development Corporate Identity

October 2018
Hackathon with a development team in Belgrade (Serbia)

Beginning of October 2018
Platform development

December 2018 - March 2019 Creation of a White Paper
November 2018 Private sale
November 2018 Private sale

Second half of 2019 Product Launch - MVP Public Demo Account Testing

Second half of 2019 Crowdsale
Second half of 2019 Platform update

For more information, see the official website:

Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2172562
Adress ETH: 0xd0b7EBa60C80ac84062FCc6d367E0b1603F9Fe09

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