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Currently people can't do without the Internet, almost all the population of our planets use the Internet. Previously needed the Internet to work, now every student can easily find a particular information, to play games. USERS choose what they want to do, whether it's immersion in the epic role-playing game, adventure, competition with others or simply playing with friends online. Stan world will help you with this. Users can chat with other fans to sing, dance and socialize in the karaoke room. The Stan World is not limited by your location, ethnicity, wealth and fame. On your computer, smartphone, tablet, you can access the Stan World at any time convenient for you. Log in and play on.
The global virtual goods industry is fast developing on all platforms, offering gamers a wide variety of goods they can purchase. At first glance it seems that he is growing too fast. Products in the virtual world offer infinite scalability with minimal overhead, revolutionaire the outmoded concept of production and cost of distribution. Individuals and the current brands, this is a new opportunity to earn money. The virtual economy is growing faster than ever. Games and gamers make a huge profit from purchases and sales of virtual assets.

Stan will provide a virtual World experience that users will be able to take full advantage of. Whether it's virtual selling t-shirts, goods, or gifts, users of the Stan World will have different capabilities.
The use of the blockchain in a video game involves the production and support of the cryptocurrency.


Slot token — the single currency used to Express the value of all items traded in the game, and smoothing problems of transactional systems involving multiple parties. Buying and selling in-game items in the cryptocurrencies are protected by a smart contract, which significantly increases the reliability of transactions and security. Blockchain technology provides smart contracts that are triggered by specific events that you can track and test, without effort and without third party involvement. This gives users true ownership and flexibility to carry out transactions in the ecosystem without worrying about fraud.

Stan Coin, a key currency of the Stan World, uses smart contracts, blockchain, to
The creators / users are compensated automatically, safely and instantly.
This is the official cryptocurrency that you can use for:
● Profit: the creators get the biggest percentage of the profits from their creations (objects, experiences, games)
● Involvement: users are rewarded, when they contribute through testing, review and promotion of creations
● Sharing in the real world transactions occur in the virtual world and in the real world, where users can use coins interchangeable
Using the technology of the blockchain, the team developed the ecosystem of the Stan World to provide
reasonable benefits for all participants.
● Character: STAN
● Protocol: ERC-20 Ethereum Network
● Delivery: 1 000 000 000
● Hard cover: 30 000 000 USD
● Soft cover: 5 000 000 USD
● Sale date: 26.09.2009 UTC 06:00-31.10.2009 UTC-06:00
* Minimum fee: $ 100
● Course: standard 1 coin = $ 0.10 / kWh. USA ~ 0.75 USD. USA


Project team:
Peter Jung
Co-founder and chief operating officer
Peter is a marketer with a full stack, his strong side is advertising in social networks.● Managed an advertising budget of more than $ 30 million for mobile applications, e-commerce and local businesses in several Digital Marketing Channels giving 2.5 billion social impressions, advertising revenue of $ 50 million 1.6 times for advertising costs
● Scaling a free advertising casino gaming and lifestyle app to + 20MM apps leads him to take first place on Play
Store # 2 on the App Store
● Created an e-commerce site and monitored its business operations: bookkeeping, price negotiation, product selection, marketing strategies and quality control
See Chin (Max) Woon
Co-Founder and CTO
Max is a full-stack developer with extensive experience in a wide range of industries, served as the founder-technical director, and prototyped as the first developer of several companies.
● Co-founder of Phizzle (a mobile sports marketing platform currently supported by the NBA, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks, and media companies including HBO, Comcast, and more)
● Co-founder of SuperWorld (AR real estate on Blockchain)
● Co-founder of Storytime Studios (SKIT! Kids, social animation, UGC app for kids)
● Founder of maintenance Toonstar (digital animation network for cartoon pop culture)
See the website for more information:
Bitcointalk URL:;u=2172562
Address ETH: 0xd0b7EBa60C80ac84062FCc6d367E0b1603F9Fe09

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