Looking back at my first 7 videos.

Looking back at my first 7 videos.

By The Fruitful Knight | In the zone | 2 Feb 2021

Video editing takes time, even if you aim low. For a couple of years I've been taking on simple projects to familiarize myself with Openshot Video Editor. I've found that music videos are easy to get absorbed by, letting the music dictate the theme and the cadence of the video. I just start out with a song and think to myself: how can I flesh out story based on this melody?

This article is a testament to what can happen when you do that and some thoughts about the subject of the video.


Whats up with the ladies these days?


Starting out I had noticed on imgur.com that there was the occasional gif with a gorgeous female being cocky and that gave me an idea to make a compilation of these gifs to All Nite by Janet Jacksson. I do think that the cultural changes in the last hundred years have had a rather huge impact on female psychology. When I want to feel smartsy and intellectualish that's how I look at this video, trying my best to ignore the fact that youtube age restricted my first video and for a good reason.


Chasing life or choosing illusion?


I've always been a gamer but after I made this video I've been steadily reducing my time spent on such things. That was the point of the video, to try and describe the tragic nature of searching for meaning and beauty in a place where there is none. Games are fun but all too many people get absorbed into them at the expense of numerous amazing life affirming opportunities.


What have we become?


The Marylin Manson's Resident Evil theme sure is a creepy song, as a vegan I think a lot of suffering stems from our ways of minimizing the beauty of life. That life is just a resource to be used by rational agents and that we should try and distance ourselves form our inherent empathy. As we intently assure ourselves that there is nothing of importance in others lives, that is what we ourselves start to embody.


Findom in a nutshell


Findom has perplexed me for a long time. In a certain sense it hearkens back to old romantic tales such as Tristan and Isolde where a man is taken aback by the beauty of a women to such a degree that honestly declaring his love for her becomes his number one objective in life. No matter the cost.

Yet when I look at the stuff going on online it rather looks like desperate and foolish attempts to form deep relationships. But online you lack genuine human interactions, here we are all just cardboard one-dimensional avatars. So it's a failed endeavor from the start but that certainly hasn't stopped men from trying and I am certain a lot of dudes have been bamboozled by accounts not even operated by the women on the picture.




Anime can make people quite weird. When making this video I didn't but that much time into it, I didn't acquire particularly much material. I liked the idea of the video and since I don't have any viewership to speak of I just front loaded a lot o the material and made the last part rather boring. But the end still has some footage that makes it worthwhile getting there. The song is also a true masterpiece.


Blizzard Entertainment and most used female stereotype


My first attempt at speaking in a video! I'm very happy with how it turned out and I will definitely try out more videos of this kind. Once I have the time I will look into more video hosting sites and release my future productions across multiple websites.




A easy and enjoyable video to make. I do want to fill my channel with more positive content, such as this one, its just that my inspirations for videos tends to drag me towards describing the negative.


I've had no qualms about starting out with potato quality, as long as the sound isn't hurting the ears of the viewer (which it might still do in WEABOO PRIDE!!?! but I couldn't help using that song). There is always room to improve later and I like getting a project done in a day. I don't see myself working on a video through several days.

As such, we shall see what sort of gifts my artistry will endow the future with, I for one am excited!

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