2 weeks of linux for a first time user. Including some gaming experience.

2 weeks of linux for a first time user. Including some gaming experience.

By The Fruitful Knight | In the zone | 27 Feb 2021

I finally made the switch from Windows to Linux! It hasn't been as easy as I hoped it would be but it has worked out decently anyways. From now on it is the only computer OS I am using and I'm very excited about it.

Linux offers a software environment were you can find open source projects everywhere. The OS itself is completely free and doesn't come with the sense of being constantly watched as is the case with other ones. It comes with a sense of freedom instead.

In my newest video I talk about some obstacles I've been facing in my exodus to Linux, I do caution any casual tech user to jump head first like I did. I didn't dual boot I went all in with only Linux and thankfully it turned out well but I did have to spend some time going through different issues.

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The Fruitful Knight
The Fruitful Knight

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In the zone

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