In 2 minutes - What is Kryll (KRL)?
In 2 minutes - What is Kryll (KRL)?

In 2 minutes - Kryll (KRL)


In 2 minutes : BitcoinBAT.


What is Kryll?


Launched on February 7, 2018 by a French team, Kryll is an automated trading platform, users can create their trading strategies without dev skills, using a blog and "drag and drop" system, you just have to connect the blocks together to create your strategy. The strategies run on a cloud server, which runs 24/7. You can also follow other people's strategies and create passive income!  

What is the KRL for?


Their token, the KRL is used as "fuel" to run the strategies, indeed to finance their platform, to run strategies is not free, the costs are 1% of your amount allocated to a strategy per month and can go up to 2% if you use a marketplace strategy, KRL can therefore finance its costs, and are consumed over time as you rotate your strategies!


Kryll Platform :

Buy Kryll on Liquid Exchange :

It's a revolution in the trading world since creating a trading robot has never been easier!


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In 2 min - What is this crypto ?
In 2 min - What is this crypto ?

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