Implement earn of token

To increase the profit from any token or crypto, you can do the following, follow what I write to you.

Record free of charge to the following link:

If you’ve  accumulated enough token to be withdrawn, you can transfer them through codes to the Binance account .

Open Binance

You just created it with the link I gave you.
Once you transfer tokens to Binance, for example, the Bats you can undermine them.
How can I undermine my Bats?
To undermine your bats, you have to go to Home Page, up ,to the left on Saving buttino, then you can look for your token and to start for mining, you can choose 1 Flexible, with daily interests or 2 Fixed with weekly or monthly interests

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Increase the value of your tokens with the mining
Increase the value of your tokens with the mining

If you’ve accumulated sufficient token on your wallet ,you can transfer them to Binance with the ”Codes” which I will explain to you in another article. If Binance can to mine directly your token it is good think if Binance can’t mining directly you must to convert your token. I speak about conversion of token in the next post.. see you early!!

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