The sun that strikes your face
the wind that tousles your hair
how I would love to be these
to touch and caress you
to hold you close like I once did,
these are the things that occupy my dreams...

Forever bold the wellness in you,!

I know since we met that day, under the blue stars, which
reflected off the green grass at our feet.
All those times we met together by the cherry tree.
Just to hold hands and laugh chitter-chattering about the days to come.

I held your hand
and laughed at your jokes
I did what u wanted, and
we laughed ...
we cried,
but always you held me
and helped me go on
never did you give up on me.

I … did not mistake that fire that burned
there in your green eyes.
I did not mistake the passion beginning
To burn the deep of us, in you, in me
I love you too.
Out of you into you
I felt right, next to you entangled.

Picture Credit: Pixabay

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Nathaniel Hammel
Nathaniel Hammel

I am a Traveling Publisher, Printer, Graphic Designer, Musician, and Artist!

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