Life is very ruff around the edges.

Life is very ruff around the edges.

There are times that moments seem like its messes throw me backward a few hundred steps.

It is ok though, writing my feeling down helps swing me away from the edge.


Words on the paper shape the way I would like to feel the taste and see things to be.

All roads lead somewhere.

But is that somewhere a place you should be. Is space sitting there silent with danger?


When pain is there to guide me.

When People around me don't see eye to eye.

When moments are pressured by others and their ways.

When doubt rises above me and shouts loudly in my face "you are a nobody".

When time stands still on the lonely rock of memories.

When love and laughter build an orchestra of tears.

When light blooms bright

When pain is no longer there,

I can sit still with soft elegant, and nonintrusive thoughts.

When messes like this pail the full moonlight in front of me.

When sorrow weeps my eye.

When the family doesn't want to take the time to understand.

When dreams seem to fade by the day

I'll just slowly lift my middle finger.


Picture Credits: Pixabay

Nathaniel Hammel
Nathaniel Hammel

I am a Traveling Publisher, Printer, Graphic Designer, Musician, and Artist!

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