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ILVFI focuses on the upcoming P2E game, Illuvium, the first proposed AAA-quality video game based on blockchain technology and NFT ownership. We'll focus on both the game play, as well as the in-game and ILV governance token economics.

Risks in Illuvium Investing: Response

8 Oct 2021 13 minute read 7 comments Deraji

Last week, I shared a video that I knew would be controversial, though I didn’t quite expect the extent or level of controversy that would result.  As I hoped would be apparent, I shared a variety of bearish risks of varying likelihood to cause you t...

Illuvium LINK Flash Pool Update – Participants Beware

2 Oct 2021 3 minute read 1 comment Deraji

This is not financial advice and is for educational purposes only.  Please do your own research prior to participating in any investment product. A few days ago on September 29, 2021, the latest Illuvium Flash Pool opened, enabling participants to st...

Illuvium Chainlink Flash Pool Starts 9/29/2021!

28 Sep 2021 4 minute read 10 comments Deraji

UPDATE 9/29/2021 - FYI, the Flash pool is at TVL over $15 million.  Please be aware that at the current level, expected ILV per day is less than 0.0002 per staked LINK.  Watch out for transaction fees exceeding your potential rewards.  I also added a...

Illuvium Revenue Distribution Explained

20 Sep 2021 9 minute read 1 comment Deraji

One of the most misunderstood aspects of the Illuvium DAO is the idea of revenue distribution.  While one of the strongest generators of long-term value, early public descriptions of revdis, as it is more commonly known leaves people confused, even a...

Staking Illuvium - How Often Should I Claim? "Pre-buying" ILV

16 Sep 2021 8 minute read 15 comments Deraji

One of the great debates in staking Illuvium is when should I claim or vest my rewards?  With Illuvium staking, rewards are earned continuously, but there are limitations on these rewards until they are claimed.  The benefits to claiming are: Eligib...

The Ultimate FAQ: Illuvium SLP – Liquidity Pool Staking

14 Sep 2021 10 minute read 3 comments Deraji

Hanging out in the Illuvium Discord, I see the same questions constantly.  While it’s exciting to see people continually discover a project that I’m very passionate about, there’s a lot to learn, particularly if you’re new to yield farming.  Over the...

Illuvium Staking – Tracking Daily Reward Trends

10 Sep 2021 6 minute read 2 comments Deraji

If you’re staking with Illuvium, you predominately care most about the number of ILV received.  Most likely, you were drawn to this blockchain gaming, play-to-earn project for two reasons; the promise of creating the first AAA-grade game in a sea of...

Your New Illuvinati - Illuvium DAO Election Analysis September 2021

8 Sep 2021 6 minute read 1 comment Deraji

This weekend, the Illuvium DAO selected their five member governing council, the Illuvinati council.  Since staking has really ramped up in the past three months, this was the first election for many, myself included, in the DAO.  Today, I’ll cover t...

Illuvium Staking Calculator Version 1.3 - What’s new and how to use it!

6 Sep 2021 11 minute read 3 comments Deraji

Disclaimer - my staking calculator is for entertainment and educational purposes only and is not financial advice.  Do your own research prior to investing. I recently updated my staking calculator with strong collaboration and credit going to Lelahe...

APY Is Dumb - What really matters in staking with Illuvium?

5 Sep 2021 11 minute read 3 comments Deraji

Alright, so the title is a little dramatic.  Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is incredibly important to assess the value of any investment.  It is commonly used to give us a good way to compare opportunities in an apples-to-apples fashion, showing the...