Illuvium State of Staking - April 2022

By Deraji | ILVFi | 17 Apr 2022

Happy April and Happy Staking V2 everyone!  After the long wait, staking is back to normal and improved, both in the interface and transaction fees.  Today, I’ll take a quick look at where staking stands post V2, and my other token observations as we await the next event - likely the first land sale.

But first, here’s a plug and link to the new Infoluvial website, which will be the new home for my blog.  I’m very excited to partner with this highly engaged team from the Illuvium community.  In the transition, I’ll be sharing the teaser version on Publish0x, and encourage you to join me as I transition to my new home on Infoluvial!

What you can expect in the full version of the article:

Overall, staking V2 has changed the Illuvium staking dynamics, making claiming ILV far less valuable in terms of compounding, and without revdis bolstering value yet.  SLP continues to outpace the ILV pool in rewards by about 10x per dollar invested, and we will need to see new money to change that.  sILV2 remains an interesting speculation bet, but needs a use case to see meaningful return.  All eyes are on the land sale as the next major event for Illuvium, which certainly will play a major factor in the future of staking.

Thanks for reading and see you at our new home!



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ILVFI focuses on the upcoming P2E game, Illuvium, the first proposed AAA-quality video game based on blockchain technology and NFT ownership. We'll focus on both the game play, as well as the in-game and ILV governance token economics.

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