Illuvium DAO Election - Voting is LIVE!

Illuvium DAO Election - Voting is LIVE!

By Deraji | ILVFi | 5 Dec 2021

Hi everyone.  Just a quick post that the voting for the Illuvium governance body is now live!  Go to the link here (or follow the link on the Discord) to selection your preferred candidate. 

Ultimately, there are 18 candidates running for council listed below, with the top 5 in votes to represent the DAO for the next three months.  Voting will be open for 72 hours, until December 8 12 AM UTC.  All you need to do is go to the website above, select your candidate (you only get ONE vote for ONE candidate), connect the wallet associated with your Illuvium staking, and sign the transaction.  Voting is FREE, so take a minute and select who you most want to represent you on the Illuvinati council!

For more background on how the election works, check out my article here.

Here's a short video by Vetemor on how to vote, as well as some tips on how the election works.

Your candidates:


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ILVFI focuses on the upcoming P2E game, Illuvium, the first proposed AAA-quality video game based on blockchain technology and NFT ownership. We'll focus on both the game play, as well as the in-game and ILV governance token economics.

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