How much Crypto you can earn on Publish0x per 15,000 views / in 2020 these are the results...

How much Crypto you can earn on Publish0x per 15,000 views / in 2020 these are the results...

Hello family at any time you are reading this, I wish you have the best day of all. Today I will talk about how much crypto you can earn for 15,000 views on Publish0x.
But I will start with the most important thing, in short everything you want to publish in Publish0x has to be something that you would like to read, since the support increases when you publish something that contributes to the community, that's why the only way I can thank you when you subscribe is providing valuable information. That is why here we do not talk about anything that we do not use or do not know, my goal is not to make money at Publish0x, my goal is to continue growing as a person and to be able to share the knowledge and empirical information that is within my reach, everything that is It has worked for me in addition to the knowledge acquired during these 3 years that I have been in the crypto world, it also excites me how the world of Blockchain completely changes you as a person and your life in general, since throughout my life I have been able to learning that we are what we are thanks to the knowledge that someone else has decided to contribute, with the correct information and vision nothing is impossible.
But before analyzing the most relevant, what I have learned and that can serve us as users of this platform in the future, I will first show you what you opened this publication for, which is the total obtained by 15,000 views:

15,225 and counting equals = $ 6.92 USD

4.0308 DAI ($ 4.04)
5.2871 BAT ($ 1.38)
LRC 19.4029 ($ 1.50)

This Month (JUNE)
3.4551 DAI ($ 3.47)
4.2169 BAT ($ 1.10)
LRC 13.2726 ($ 1.03)



As a user,  you can tip 6 a day Other "crypto blogging" platforms work only with their own token and claim to be decentralized when the balance of power really lies with the founders and the largest holders of their own token. Publish 0x is crypto-independent - tips are currently in the Basic Attention Token (BAT), DAI StableCoin, and Loopring (LRC), and they are expected to add ETH-ERC20 in a future update.

Where would be the best place to store my earned tokens?

Atomic wallet is the best because with Atomic Wallet you control your private keys and your cryptography.

unlike the Steemit Publish0x give you a reward instantly the more people would see your post and give you a tip the more you will be rewarded so it's a monopoly free system although it has minimum withdraw limit of around 156 tokens which is I guess is fair.
Publish0x doesn't censor contents until it's not original and copied which is a great way to fight copied contents.
Steemit take more time to upload stuff but on Publish0x content publishing is super fast and easy.
I believe Publish0x is better than Steemit and I've no doubt that it's a hidden gem, earning tokens unlike Steemit is fast and easy.

How tips work

There would be a 70% chance that your tip is in Token 1, and when the reader tips, they will have 7 pence of Token 1 to divide between him and the author.
There would be a 20% chance that the reader's suggestion is in Token 2, where the reader would have 2 cents in Token 2 at their disposal to split between them and the author.
Token 3 is obviously a 10% chance of being the tip token, with a tip value of 1 cent before the reader makes the split between the author and himself.


Publish0x does not have its own currency and is crypto agnostic.

By tipping, both the author and the reader win. Suggestions are free to both author and reader, and come from the Publish0x rewards group.
Publish0x is not trying to become a social network. It is an open publishing platform for selecting approved authors. Publish0x's focus is on quality content.




I thought when I reach 100 dollars I will give all that accumulated crypto to someone unlucky, leave me in the comments what would you do?.   I will continue to inform you of the progress.












thanks for reading have a great day 🤗


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Crypto adict (Manu VZ)
Crypto adict (Manu VZ)

Hi analyze graphics, and make staking, im a adict crypto and Hodler. I try to keep my faith but I'm looking for more. Not luck just odds.



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