TOP 5 blockchain development companies that you should definitely see

By ICODA Agency | ICODA Agency | 11 Apr 2022

What’s the most time-consuming and exhausting thing? You need to find a blockchain development organization that can help you build a platform that runs smoothly. If you need a turnkey solution, the searching process is quite hard.

On Google, you can find a great set of firms with different services and reviews about them. How to select the most reliable one?

Here are the best blockchain firms that stand out from their rivals. These blockchain development organizations supply their customers with end-to-end services. Check them out.

BC Team

It is one of the most prominent firms that focuses on implementing top-notch blockchain technologies for different kinds of businesses and shows that the future is now.

It has operated for more than 5 years. It creates full-fledged blockchain solutions and helps you save your finances by solving bureaucratic problems for you.

The team consists of blockchain and IT specialists and experienced designers. Moreover, after helping you achieve your business goals, the team behind the project will help you keep a hold of it with their advanced security audit system.

The company has a big set of solutions that will help your business to handle competition in business. Among its solutions are:

  • Crypto exchanges and wallets;
  • Smart contracts;
  • DApp and cryptocurrency development;
  • Security audit;
  • Blockchain Consulting;
  • Custom Blockchain Solution;
  • NFT development;
  • Market Making;
  • Trading Competition;
  • Tokenization.

Making the latest and most wanted technologies supplied with cryptography and Web 3.0, its team continues to make businesses user-friendly and available in different parts of the world.


Leeway Hertz

This organization provides an end-to-end solution to build enterprise-grade blockchain applications. Its team is experienced in developing multiple blockchain applications for Global Supply Chain, Identity Solutions on the blockchain, and utility bill generation utilizing blockchain.

Its team has experience collaborating with distributed ledger technology. The team also includes Hedera Hashgraph ambassadors.



Known as an IT and software designing and development service provider, the American-based company has been offering its solutions since 2006 to different areas and niches.

Their services range from building websites to CMS creation.

The organization achieves goals through innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology, and practical results.



Softeq is an American-based company that has been providing full-stack development services for organizations all over the world. Among them are smart contracts, ICO, non-centralized apps, and blockchain systems.

The agency specializes in such spheres as Hyperledger, Ethereum, and Solidity.



The company supplies its customers with full-cycle software development solutions for existing platforms and newbies. It creates mobile, web, cloud, analytics, AI and blockchain solutions.

It provides full assistance and starts with user research, analysis and design. It then moves to development, creating needed extensions and quality assurance.

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