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Harmful tips for promoting a crypto project in 2021.

Marked, "Never do this!." Harmful tips for promoting a crypto project in 2021.

By ICODA Agency | ICODA Agency | 28 Jun 2021

PR and marketing are the primary tools for promoting any crypto project. This is clear to everyone who has been engaged in developing their developments since the "boom" of cryptocurrencies. The market, of course, dictates its rules, which would seem to have been studied along and across not only by specialists in the field of marketing and PR but also by business owners themselves, but some specialists continue to neglect the simplest, at first glance, rules. Of course, all the above tips are a joke. Apply them precisely to the contrary, and we guarantee that your business will reach unprecedented heights! So below is a list of errors labelled "Never do this!."

  1. Never save your company money. As you know, there are two ways in PR: "fast and easy" and "slow and difficult." "Fast and Easy" involves the banal purchase of articles through the commercial departments of any media that you liked. Well, what about? Two thousand dollars more, two thousand dollars less - what difference if the project soon makes millions, right? And most importantly: if the commercial option is the only one available, never trade! We need to be able to share.
  2. Do not come up with your own information guides. Take the most successful press releases of other companies and just change the name to your own. They did it, didn't they? And you can do it! And how you correspond - you will think about it after.
  3. Media planning and budgeting - last century! Let it remain in the past. After all, the market is so volatile, especially in the cryptocurrency world. So, to build at least approximate media plans and lay budgets for them is an extra waste of time. It'll be different tomorrow, anyway.
  4. Strategy? Leave it to those who don't know what to do. The most correct option is to act impulsively and intuitively. You're a pro, right? There can simply be no situational errors! Understanding where the company is moving and what it is spending on should only be in your head. So, the road will be overpowered by the going - we will still come somewhere.
  5. With the advent of a remote format of work, you can score on communication with journalists. There is no point in maintaining previous relations, calling up and congratulating on holidays - let them sit at home. And we need to work.
  6. In no case, hear, never involve nests in the translation of texts and the adaptation of the target! Never! And most importantly, if attracted, then do not check the work! It's insanely expensive! What's the point?
  7. For PR, forever learn that the main thing is to print only in the media from the Tier 1 category. Any hit in smaller publications is a blow to reputation.
  8. So, about reputation. Don't think about it at all. Allow your SMM players to roam in social networks, do not respond to requests for technical support, and even forget about customers. After all, they need you more than you need them.
  9. My competitor is my enemy! Never interact with your competitors "marketing and PR divisions. Never cooperate, and in general, emphasize in every way that communicating with them is below your dignity.
  10. And finally, you can write on your personal pages, talk at meetings, events and webinars everything that comes to your head. This is your private opinion, not related to the company. The world knows millions of examples when incorrect statements by company representatives on personal pages on social networks were the reasons for the general hatred of customers for the brand. So this is just an accident. You'll definitely be lucky.

Most importantly, remember that it only depends on you what exactly your project will be. And the ICODA Agency team is always ready to guide you to the world of the most significant players in the industry.

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