How to find clients for crypto projects

By ICODA Agency | ICODA Agency | 4 May 2021

The main problem is the promotion of crypto projects: bans on direct promotion and a rather limited audience. Although interest in cryptocurrencies is growing, their audience remains negligible and consists mainly of enthusiasts. 2021 can be called a turning point, as large venture investors and corporations such as Tesla began to enter the market. However, the question of where and how to take clients to crypto projects remains open to this day.


  1. Community.


One of the most effective ways to attract customers is to collect them in their own communities loyal to the brand. This is a very, very difficult task, requiring strategic planning and, sometimes, considerable funds. To begin with, you need to gather influencers who already own your audience, and then attract them to your side. Since this is usually not done for free, influencers are willing to cooperate with new projects. However, be prepared for opinion leaders to value their audience, so you will have to prove that it is your project that is worth working with. If you manage to build your community, then then it will do everything for you. Despite the years of development of marketing tools, you will agree that "word of mouth radio" remains the most effective tool of all.


  1. Working with the media


Transparency of any project is the key to its success. Do not neglect communication with the media and try to cover every stage of building your company. Honesty and openness are attractive. And if you not only make a cool product, but you can also tell it beautifully, then the interest of your potential customers will be provided to you.


  1. Build sales channels.


Building a competent and effective sales strategy often in itself, sometimes, answers the question of where to take customers. Analyze your potential customer to determine how best to sell your product or service.


  1. Run social networks.

Rather, this advice refers to the first item. However, it essentially includes all previous ones. Social networks in the modern world are not only a tool for quick information but, if the specifics of the business allows, a completely independent sales channel.


  1. Communicate with colleagues in the workshop. Especially with competitors.


As you know, keep friends close, and enemies even closer. Long ago, those times have passed when competitors preferred to be afraid and hated. On the contrary, you need to be friends with competitors! Do not forget about the principle of interchangeability: if somewhere has disappeared, then somewhere must have arrived. If the client suddenly "sails" from your competitor, then why not sail right into your open arms? In addition, there are moments when there are not enough hands-on with all customers. That's when, perhaps, your competitors will turn to you.

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