Top 10 White label ICO platform software in the crypto industry!
White label ICO platform software

Top 10 White label ICO platform software in the crypto industry!

By rononmargo | ICO Development | 3 Dec 2019

Initial Coin Offering experienced a great storm in the year 2017. With this uprise, most of the investor's attention was towards ICOs. Thus, most of the solution providers started offering White label services for the startups and entry-level firms who wanted to raise their funds instantly.

This article discussed the top 10 White label ICO Platform Software providers in the cryptocurrency industry. 



As the name suggests, Icoclone excels in developing ICO solutions for global enterprises with their end-to-end services. They implement Blockchain Technology to create a white label ICO platform that is beneficial for the clients. 

The experts at Icoclone have so far helped a good number of enterprises to get the desired funds. They are a renowned company ICO development company that delivers ICO software and specializes in providing quick and instant solutions for the business.

Based on the project idea and conceptualization, our expert team will come up with the concrete project plan for the development phase to begin. They assist you in the structuring of the Initial Coin Offering from the design phase to implementation. 


  • Blockchainappfactory

Blockchainappfactory delivers customized stable ICO software solutions to raise crowdfunding for the crypto business. They provide an all-inclusive infrastructure such as token creation, distribution, ICO platform hosting, landing page design, which attracts a great number of investors to invest in your tokens.

Their team of skillful developers has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in developing and maintaining the various blockchain applications in Fintech, insurance, Gaming, and ICO.


  • BR Softech Technology

At BR Softech Technology, they implement all ICO comprehensive solutions right from requirement gathering to deployment. They have a long list of successful records in rendering ICO solutions. 

Their ICO white label services are completely applicable across multiple industries like Healthcare, Banking, Finance, Supply Chain Management, IoT, etc. They offer secure cryptocurrency wallets, smart contracts, multi-signature accounts, token issuance, ICO platforms, etc.


  • Antier Solutions

They have 5+ years of experience in the industry. They create ICO tokens which are in compliance with SEC guidelines and the country’s regulations. Antier Solutions render solutions for the business with secure, transparent, across the market.

They help companies launch their ICOs by providing a great set of outcomes in brand identity, messaging, website design, development, whitepaper services, etc. Moreover, they are determined and well-focused in offering solutions as per the client’s requirement.


  • Leewayhertz

In addition to Blockchain, they excel in other technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT for ICO development services. The major motto of the firm is to turn the crowdfunding dreams of the blockchain startups into reality.

Apart from ICO platform creation, Leewayhertz also remains to be a pioneer in ICO Marketing services. They make use of intricate marketing approaches such as Email Marketing, Content Marketing, PPC, etc.


  • TechnoLoader

TechnoLoader has a team set of professionals who help the investors to launch ICO without minimal delays. They come up with different packages for development based on the customer’s needs, the technology used, etc. 

Their unique whitepaper and roadmap provide a separate solution with ICOs.  TechnoLoader delivers white label services that are provided in accordance with the clientele’s business requirements.


  • Oodles Technologies

Oodles Technologies provides ICO Development services for industries like Healthcare, Banking, Finance, Agriculture, etc. They have the desired set of experience in ICO creation and have rendered more than 25+ software in the industry.

On the other hand, their marketing services include Email campaigns, Paid Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, etc to promote it to a global audience. Right from developing digital tokens to ICO Smart Contracts, we render a top-notch solution.


  • Bacancy Technology

They are one of the early adopters in Blockchain solutions and development services. They provide feature-packed ICO solutions and brings in ICO on a various set of Blockchain platforms such as Ethereum.

They stand out from the crowd with their ICO development and marketing strategy by assisting in the structuring of Initial Coin Offering right from the design phase to the deployment phase. 


  • Hashcash Consultants

Hashcash enables the organization to turn the business ideas into reality in the market. By adopting Blockchain Technology, they create ICO platforms that help the enterprises to instantly raise the funds in a hassle-free way.  

They offer a wide range of services that are characterized by their high-level innovation and approaches. They leverage our know-how and technology to walk you end-to-end through token creation, presale, public sale, and secondary markets.


  • Sagipl

The major motto of this ICO development company is to deliver top-notch and customized solutions to its global clients which are developed as per their requirements. They stand superior in Initial Coin Offering with their robust strategies.

Sagipl can be a perfect choice to boost your credibility and enhance profits for your business. They make use of Airdrop, Bounty programs with their ICO development services in the industry. 


To Close:

ICOs will still remain to be the most powerful fundraising scheme in the future years. If you are a person interested in launching an ICO, you can get in touch with any of these agencies for a worry-free fundraising process!

If we have missed out on any supreme software providers in the industry, you can lay down your views in the comments!


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