How to understand Bitcoin?

By ICryptoFan | ICF | 25 Apr 2022


  In my first post, I decided to briefly write about the most important thing on the cryptocurrency market, i.e. Bitcoin. Many of us ask ourselves the question How to understand Bitcoin and is it really worth anything?


1.Bitcoin is better than the dollar!

BTC is the first money that is not controlled by central banks or any other state-owned entity. The issuer of Bitcoin is its protocol. There cannot be more bitcoins! We all suffer from inflation these days and the BTC is 21,000,000 and not one more seems to be a lot, but it's really not much.


2.BTC always works!

The BTC network cannot be turned off, it simply works whenever and wherever there is the Internet. Nobody makes decisions for you and only you decide about your money.


3.Bitcoin is anonymous!

Bitcoin is anonymous, it does not require your data and allows you to send money to the other side of the world without physical contact with another person. The transactions are fast, secure and anonymous.


Bitcoin has the potential to grow enormously over the next few years as it will remedy the shortcomings of the current monetary system. While the media will likely continue to publish articles about what cryptocurrencies are bad and that they are only used by criminals, the truth is that the world's biggest companies, investors and countries want to operate in the crypto industry. Lots of people are complaining about the volatility of BTC, but it is thanks to it that there are so many opportunities in this market, but it's only a matter of time until the market stabilizes.

Look at BTC by something other than its dollar value!


Everything in this post is just my private opinion. This is not an investment advice!

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