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I'm Ready Now More Than Ever Before!!!

Hello Blockchain Community! How many of you out there really know this thing is happening. Have you digested it yet? I am starting to every day. I have been following Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology sun up to sun down since 2017 and that by necessity. I had no choice. See my deal for doing so was to be able to climb out of financial ruin. I really prayed on this and watched the markets hour by hour everyday all day as a HODLER! LOL I knew nothing about trading. Look at all the time that went. I say to myself now wow. I am now a certified cryptocurrency trader by Blockchain Council Degree no. 23411045 yes indeed, I lifted my head. Every day I awake and think of the old days watching the ride go up and down, up and down hoping for the moon. I noticed one thing there really isn't a day where you buy $1k worth of something like TRX which was a coin I was a crusader for and tomorrow you wake up to $1 million! If you watch enough YOUTUBE videos you'd think that would eventually happen and you'd be rich, and all DEBTS PAID!!! No, instead I learned this thing will happen gradually as with everything else in technology hence email, postal mail lol.

I can recall days when I worked for the city the old timers would hate to even think I was using email for important things. LOL They eventually said with excitement as time passed "Hey Ty Look I have a email address" LOL I'd say yeah see I told you. I also tried to convince them to start going online to do banking which was something else they were very leery and hesitant of but soon enough the questions came and of course nobody feels like getting out the truck going to the bank and waiting in line while Ty access PNC BANK from his phone lol!

I Love technology so I am always on the lookout. One time I went to my high school to speak to the graduates once, btw "Class of 95" and I told the alumni all about this new thing called the internet of things whoooooo I was so geeked to be on that early. What was funny was how internet of things came late to the party in Cryptocurrency! I beat them to it. I knew I was on to something. I am so happy and proud to be a part of this community, sharing trade tips and high fiving my fellow traders on Telegram for their weekly successes! I remember telling my lady friend once that every week they congratulate each other on 400% more gains and I'd like to cry... I knew I had to jump fully in. Doing that would mean liquidating my bags and trusting myself. I am glad I did. Let me tell the whole truth though. I did not. I was so scared to trust my own judgement I put it to a bot which mistakenly or mistaken to me as I did not intend it to be but the Cryptohopper bot sold all of my bags for a small micro profit and I was sick! I was forced to step out of Paralysis by Analysis syndrome and get to the GAME!!! I did so immediately.  One thing I did gain by watching the market roller coaster for 3 years like a hawk was it teaching me patience, as I have seen it die and resurrect as if nothing has ever happened. I sat stuck out of a trade for almost 2 months, stomach hurting everyday LOL. Nowadays I have back up plans that get me right back in case I make a wrong move in a trade.

To the topic of discussion I am finally ready and more wiser, smarter and sharper then ever before. I am humble, because Humble is always the Coolest, in all aspects of life. I sit and wait and my day always comes around. To the young generation who may not have saw 4 decades pass by like me, hey listen, take it from me. This thing called Life is on repeat. Stay cool, stay calm, and your day will come again. Take the good and love it, take the bad and love it more. Don't turn nothing away the universe has scripted for you. Just know its in the mechanics of the universe to shower you with love if you pass all of it's test. Thank you world for reading. Thank you Life for reminding me time and time again to stay faithful! Now to be wise! Wisdom says to me you better get something tangible going so you never see hell again. I certainly will. I control my destiny. I am the creator of my life. I will play the game of life as an alchemist with energy and make sure my outcome is in my favor. I have abandoned Hope and have adopted will, and with that comes Power. I know nothing else but to succeed. I want it like I want breath! I'm ready more than ever before!!! Stay tuned and be amazed!!! I said before  to people after this 2020 year of surprises, " You could have died in the story, that's a wrap! So To God Be The Glory That's The Facts!!! Get the Ebook!! Follow the news @Blockchainnewsnetwork on IG Click the link!!!

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Blockchain News Network
Blockchain News Network

Hello I am The writer of @blockchainnewsnetwork on IG the founder of Blockchain Billionaires Group the consultant at @Prestige Crypto Consultants on Facebook and the writer of How to trade crypto for profits @ crypto crazy I am!

I told you so!!!
I told you so!!!

The 1st blog post of T.Ramare'. Welcome to the story of going all in on Cryptocurrency since 2017. Most people laughed, most people said distasteful things about my character now they look at me like the GOLDEN CHILD!!!!! Hello World this is my BLOG!!!

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