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I told you so!!!

The year was 2016. I was trying to recover from a few bad situations. The first was a life threatening accident. The Philadelphia Police chasing a stolen car, the stolen car screaming 90 mph T-Boned my pick up truck and literally separated it from the whole chassis. I was out of commission 3 ways, transportation, work vehicle, no way to make ends meet and my body was wrecked. For 5 months I could not walk and often would fall to the ground in striking pain that would last 5 minutes or more. This really frustrated me as before this I was a gym rat. I lost weight got skinny and people started changing. I could not make any money due to the injury and I could not collect due to me just starting my own business, had no record of income at that moment and they said previous years didn't count so they didn't pay although they admitted fault. I eventually linked up with a business manager who turned out to be a scamming politician's helper. Without work and desperate I was offered a contract. It was in construction. Long story short the scammer had his plan set when he met me. I was a prime target for a dupe. It was the perfect storm. It put me in a horrible situation financially. 

This one day while surfing the internet I read about a meeting discussing cryptocurrency nearby. The meeting was about a 30 minute walk from my place in Northern Liberties in Philadelphia PA. Being a technology buff I was excited to go. God revealed his love for me. I met so many people.  After sitting  a few hours squirming in my seat from back pain but respectfully paying attention to some serious people giving their dissertation about crypto I felt at home!  I met a guy who later gained a big name in Crypto news and YouTube post, I networked like never before as my passion grew more and more. The second most important person I met was a Veteran she was helping vets with pain by administering CBD. She had a small bottle left. I was listening in to her conversation after the meeting while she spoke to another person about it. I told her my pain from the accident. She told me to take this bottle of CBD only a little left and after hearing my story she gave it to me for the little few ones I had left in my pocke,t was around $20-$30. I took it home and felt so good about that day, I didn't care about the walk home and my neck hurting. I did as she said and took it under the tongue for the rest of the week. It was Saturday morning and I have been up since Tuesday's meeting around the clock learning and setting myself up in Cryptocurrency I documented it on IG lol. I was in Love once again with my life! I got up that morning and something was different. I stretched, no pain. I didn't notice it at first until I kept stretching as if I was working out. Then I did something I hadn't done in almost a year. I did push ups. I was elated!!! I ran down the street to a gym. I didn't have any money but I asked how much. He said $90 a month. I was so happy I said I'd come back to join. Of course I didn't. lol I was so thrilled to have my body back I walked to Walmart all the way on Christopher Columbus blvd, LOL. I had my headphones and my dream and my new found love, BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY, BITCOIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCY!!!

My walk was just beginning but my life started over. I eventually fell in bankruptcy due to the last business venture but didn't care. I began to learn my new passion. (Long story short after 3 long years I became a certified Blockchain tech and crypto Trader with an online degree administered from Blockchain Council! I became the go to guy for crypto questions). In 2017 I hosted meetings every Tuesday for any and everyone that would listen to me on the street about Cryptocurrency. Funny thing one of them people who would come faithfully is now my best friend and have introduced me to those like me and we are making big things happen in this sector! Just for you to get a jist of who and what I am I figured I'd begin by telling you my start in Crypto. I have always been a writer and now I'm a writer for Blockchain and Crypto. Over the years since 2017 I have started the news media channel. I felt like Crypto was my religion. I am now happy as I can be. I fell into a unfortunate situation but to my surprise I met Cryptocurrency. I'm glad I did when I did. As I told many people throughout the years they laughed, family and all looked at me funny. No support for this thing at all. I invited all to my meetings.... crickets lol ghosttown lol but now my phone is off. Don't call me now. I have a rate to charge you. To quote Slim Thug a Houston rapper, "I keep my lips closed cuz it cost when I talk" LOL Call me my rates are still affordable smh lol. I have a sense of humor through it all but seriously I don't have time to waste. All of my conversations these days are about great things to help humanity. This was all a part of God's Plan. Welcome to my Blog. I will be sharing my real truth here and I won't censor my words. The whole story everything that happened and I'm just scratching the surface. Talk soon!

For those that would like the news you can follow me @blockchainnewsnetwork on Instagram and check out my site www.bitcointrade.finance for my first ebook in cryptocurrency sharing what I have learned to survive in this crazy wild wild world of Crypto!!! 

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Blockchain News Network
Blockchain News Network

Hello I am The writer of @blockchainnewsnetwork on IG the founder of Blockchain Billionaires Group the consultant at @Prestige Crypto Consultants on Facebook and the writer of How to trade crypto for profits @ www.bitcointrade.finance crypto crazy I am!

I told you so!!!
I told you so!!!

The 1st blog post of T.Ramare'. Welcome to the story of going all in on Cryptocurrency since 2017. Most people laughed, most people said distasteful things about my character now they look at me like the GOLDEN CHILD!!!!! Hello World this is my BLOG!!!

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