By Chmurka | I M | 15 Jun 2019

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A message that at first glance may look rather surprising. Amazone has been talked about for a long time, especially in conjunction with creating your own coin (something like Facebook's GlobalCoin style). However, Amazon is not going to go in this direction yet. On the contrary. Two companies will probably soon be able to pay the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereo, on this portal.

  Cooperation between CLIC and Opporty As mentioned in the introduction, two companies will be able to make payments to Amazone through the Ethereum cryptocenter. These are CLIC Technology and Opports, which, according to the latest news, have started to work together to link Ethereum with Amazon.   CLIC Technology is a payment processing company. The second company of this cooperation, Opporty, is one of the companies providing blockchain services. The overall agreement between the companies should be aimed at creating an infrastructure that will enable Ethereom to pay for its products on Amazone.   Of course, such a novelty could cause the instantaneous increase in Ethereum cryptomain to value. However, this should be supported not only by such a fundamental message, but also by the benefits of technical analysis. Indeed, several traders say that Ethereum has an excellent start to make a good growth over the Bitcoin price in the near future.   For example, a Twitter trader named Rampage said the ETH / BTC pair now looks really interesting. He thinks that Ethereum is expanding significantly. In the case of Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency could get up to 70% in value.


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