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The art of femininity


     It all started with her as the first woman. Eva, it's about her. The first female specimen from whom the adventure began, and perhaps the first since men's lives began to be complicated. Oh, and of course, let's not forget that the myth of sin also came from her. That if she (the woman) had not tempted the man, "maybe" things would have been different. I see everything differently and no, not because I am one of them, but a woman is the most beautiful specimen on this earth and I think that even if I had been a man I would certainly have thought the same, being unique, remarkable, ambitious. , talented, sensual, mysterious, and irredeemable. Even if a long time ago she was looked at differently, understood, disregarded, and even inferior. Most of the time the woman had to stay at home, cook and take care of the children and nothing more. Without having the right to decisions, proposals, or opinions. She was to be silent and have no rights other than domestic.




   Nowadays, women are more valued, more desired, and even above men. She knows how to assert herself, let herself be seduced by deciding how much she can be looked at and admired, and use her strengths without demeaning herself, she knows when to fight, take risks or keep quiet.

Now she has her hard-earned pedestal. She is the queen and all chess pieces obey her. And she removes her veil only when she believes with all her being that her most precious gift is well-deserved by the King. It has its own rules, and on the battlefield, it already considers itself victorious. checkmate.

   So the woman is the creature meant to be loved and protected, who is always ready to fight against the fiercest enemies, against the prejudices, lies, and abuses of a mediocre society that forgets to appreciate her. And even if she is not understood, give her love, show her that you care, that you protect and respect her, and she will immediately, and perhaps without realizing it, answer her most hidden questions, fears, and illusions yours and hers. he will give himself to you with his whole body and pure soul.

   I believe in the destiny of women left on this earth. The woman gives life and gives to the man she loves the most precious but, the fruit of their love, the woman is life. Sometimes they come together and find each other, sometimes they forget and sometimes they love each other. And with the last of her strength, she continues to fight to remain a miracle.

   She will remain forever present, imprinted in the hearts and minds of those who love her.


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I like challenges and things that challenge me to discover myself. I like to read and collect information that can help other people, for this reason, I chose to register with your website.

I just started writing my first blog
I just started writing my first blog

Considering that this is my first blog, I don't know exactly what I can say interestingly and quickly, only that I have great emotions :). I chose a topic, and all was well and good until I started writing, but because the number of words I could use was far too few, I got a little stuck and had to reorient myself. I spent a whole day trying to see what I could do and what to write and I said...ok, I will write exactly a few words about how I started my first blog. See you next time. :) Thank you!

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